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Monday, 4 May 2015

GellieBeans Bing Cherry Swatches + Review

Hi guys,
Today I have a review f another GellieBeans gel polish for you. This now brings my GellieBeans total up to 13! I love this brand :)  To see more swatches and what I thought of the polish read on!
GellieBeans Bing Cherry

Bing Cherry is from the GellieBeans winter Sweater Weather collection which was released at the end of 2014. If you haven't heard of it before, GellieBeans is a soak off gel polish brand that specializes in tiny bottles full of fun, candy inspired colours. As I said before, I now own 13 of these little babies and boy do I love them! I find that the size of the bottle is so handy as I will never go through those huge 15ml bottles. GellieBeans are rather small at 3.7ml, but you will still get quite a few manis out of them! I envision about 10 manicures per bottle with my nails which is pretty decent considering each mani last 2 weeks. The brush is awesome and allows for a really neat application and hold the perfect amount of product. The formula on these little gels is flawless. I adore them!
GellieBeans Bing Cherry
Direct Sunlight
Bing Cherry is a vampy maroon red gel with a lovely shimmer that looks good in pretty much all lighting conditions. It has a bit of a duochrome quality and shifts from a dark, almost blackened red to this luminous maroon colour depending on the light. In the sunshine it absolutely shines and the shimmer is 10 times better in person than what you see here!
GellieBeans Bing Cherry
Indoor Natural Light
I love how Bing Cherry looks in the shade as it's much darker but has this beautiful subtle shimmer running through it. I am a huge fan of this colour and I think it would flatter many skin tones. I love how shiny gel is! I still can't get over it and I've been using them for a while now. Just for reference, I believe this colour is very close to OPI Germanicure which I blogged about here.
GellieBeans Bing Cherry
This picture shows that duochrome quality off a bit more. It's quite dark at certain angles but when the light hits it right it absolutely shines! It was nice to wear this colour outside because it looks so different in sunlight compared to fluorescent light or shade.
GellieBeans Bing Cherry
Fluorescent Light
For this manicure I used Gelish Vitagel as my base coat, 3 thin coats of Bing Cherry and Gelish Top It Off as my top coat. You could get away with two coats of Bing Cherry if you have short nails. I haven't had any wear issues when combining different brand colours with top and base coats. This mani lasted me 10 days until the grow out drove me nuts and I had to take it off. I had no chips, cracks or lifting, even after changing my stamping 5 times. I have the tiniest bit of tip wear right on the point of the nail which is to be expected. I love this shape by the way!
GellieBeans Bing Cherry
If you're interested in trying GellieBeans out they appear on Ozsale every few months or so for $7 each. For Aussies, this is the only place I've found them, they're not on ebay or anything. For people in the US they're on Hautelook and QBD brands for a similar price. I wouldn't buy them for more than $8 due to the small bottle size. I will be buying more from this brand though as I absolutely adore the formula and colours! 
What do you think of GellieBeans? Have you heard of them before?
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  1. WOW this polish looks so cool... your nails are beautiful :)

    i commented on my blog on your comment , i am super new to would love to talk with you to know if really UV is scary thing to use :( because back in my mind i dont know i feel like UV is bad and LED is better as i read some comments on google about the comparison.
    if you know about this i request you can we have a conversation ??

    lovely job on nails :)

    1. Hey,
      I wanted to clear things up regarding gel lamps as there's so much misinformation on the net.
      In regards to UV vs LED I'd recommend you read Doug Shoon's work. He's regarded as an industry leader in UV gels and has done a fair bit of research on it.
      UV is not what I'd be worrying about with gel, it's the allergies that can develop if proper application is not used. Overexposure to uncured gel and the tacky layer can lead to contact dermatitis and a permanent allergy to gel polish.