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Monday, 19 May 2014

Interview Nails: OPI Barre My Soul Review + Swatches

Hi guys,
I'm slowly getting through my backlog, I end posting twice when I get the chance to do it at all. So for today I have the manicure I wore to a job interview. I'm in my last semester at uni, so now is crunch time in terms of job applications. Obviously I can't wear what I would usually wear to an interview, I don't think the recruiters would understand my nail polish addiction. I decided to wear OPI Barre My Soul from the NYC Ballet Soft Shades Collection. Not my usual colour but I didn't want to go without either!

OPI Barre My Soul - Full Sunlight
Barre My Soul is a very sheer light pink/beige polish with an excellent formula. I have a bit of blue staining resulting from Essence Roller Coaster and it's pretty well covered by this polish. These pictures show 3 coats of Barre My Soul with a coat of Poshé (best topcoat ever).

OPI Barre My Soul - Full Sunlight
What I like about this polish (and part of the reason I bought it) is that it self-levels really well. For a jelly/sheer polish this is important as multiple layers that are uneven will result in uneven looking nail bed, not something I want.This polish is pretty perfect in that regard as it spreads out perfectly and doesn't leave brush strokes behind. You can still see visible nail line (VNL), but for this polish is doesn't bother me as it gives it a more natural look.

OPI Barre My Soul - Shade
OPI Barre My Soul - Shade
For a job interview this polish is pretty perfect, the only downside is that you need 2-3 depending on the level of coverage you want and it will take a while to dry. You also need to apply it carefully to make it look even. I bought this polish for $14 from David Jones during their mother's day sale. Normally I wouldn't spend that much on a fairly neutral looking polish, but the formula is top notch and I've read good thing, plus it matches my skin tone fairly well. I was going to go for Glints of Glinda for the Wizard of Oz collection, but looking back it would have been too peachy/orange. One thing I do have to add is the wear on this wasn't too great. I had fairly large chips after 2 days on the edges of my index and middle nails. This might be due to the thickness, but I still wasn't too impressed with that.

OPI Barre My Soul - Shade
All in all this is a great polish, depending on what you're after. Very work appropriate. I will be wearing it again, probably at 2 coats once my staining has gone. It will make nice undies for nail are designs and gives that 'my nails but better look'. 

What do you guys think?

See you next time!

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