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Monday, 31 March 2014

Hard Candy Beetle and Orly Liquid Vinyl Review + Swatches

Hi guys,
Today I have 2 polishes for you, I layered one over the other. This is my first time reviewing a multichrome so it's be quite a picture heavy post. Hope you enjoy!

Hard Candy Beetle over Orly Liquid Vinyl
The base colour I used was Orly's Liquid Vinyl, their answer to a straight up black polish. I bought this when I was in the US last year, otherwise Orly's aren't that easy to come by in Australia. I found this polish to be very smooth but maybe a tad thin as it flooded my cuticles and needed to 2 coats for opacity. It was quite easy to clean up around the cuticles though, the polish removed well with my brush and q-tips. Liquid Vinyl is just a black creme and it has quite a shiny finish on its own and should provide a good base for multichromes.
Orly Liquid Vinyl
Orly Liquid Vinyl
The second polish I used was Hard Candy's Beetle. This is now discontinued and was available at Walmart in the US. I bought this off ebay in January, its supposedly a hard to find, but it wasn't too expensive, $15 with shipping I think. I haven't used a multichrome like this before, the only ones I have are some Chian Glaze Bohemians and the formula is very different. Beetle looked to be made up of little shards of multichrome flakie. I wouldn't call it glitter, it's too fine and lies flat on the nail. Its too big to be shimmer though. I used 2 coats over Liquid Vinyl and 2 coats of Poshe on top to smooth it out.

Hard Candy Beetle - Shade
The following pics show the colour change, the pictures are a bit overexposed but you get the idea.

Hard Candy Beetle - Shade
Hard Candy Beetle - Shade
In natural light it changes from a pinky plum colour through to a gold and then yellow. There's a bit of a green flash as well. This polish was very smooth, a bit thin but easy to manage. the hardest part was cleaning up the flakies from around my nail.

I also took some underwater photos, haven't done those before either, and it shows the colour change so much better, plus some colours you wouldn't normally see.

Hard Candy Beetle - Underwater
Hard Candy Beetle - Shade
Hard Candy Beetle - Shade
I like the underwater pics! You can see the full colour range on each nail, especially the last photo. It goes to blue at the very end which is cool.

I hope you guys enjoyed these swatches, I've got some Polish Me Silly multichromes on the way too which is exciting!

See you guys next time!

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