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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

XL Stamper Comparison and Review: Moyou London vs Ebay

Hi guys!

I had some spare time this afternoon so I decided to do a comparison between my two XL stampers. This is really just showing the differences between the two in terms of picking up the image and stamping the image. These are my two XL stampers:

Left: Ebay Stamper, Right: Moyou London Stamper

Why do I have two 'identical' stampers? Well the Ebay one originally got sent to Russia, I bought a pack of three stampers, all different, mainly because it was pretty much the same price as buying one, and the package got addressed to the Russian Federation, not Australia. I had small hopes of ever seeing that package, so I told the seller what they'd done (the had sent me a photo of the package before they sent it)  and then bought a stamper with my last Moyou purchase. Well wouldn't you know the stamping package turned up the next day, Murphy's Law. So now I have two XL stampers and another one on the way because the Ebay seller is resending the package. Funny how things work out. These are the two stamping heads:

Left: Ebay Stamper, Right: Moyou London Stamper
 The main difference between the two is the colour, the Moyou one is slightly beige instead of being stark white, and the texture. The Ebay stamper is very very squishy and sticky. everything sticks to it and i mean everything. The Moyou stamper is less squishy and less sticky, but with added grease or something. It was greasy to the touch when I picked it up out of the bag. Here's two photos showing the squishyness:

Ebay Stamper: Very Squishy
Moyou London Stamper - Less Squishy
Both of these stampers are squishier than my first Salon Express stamper (which I think is similar to the Konda ones), so neither will hurt your nails if they're long and you have to press hard. The Ebay one is definitely squishier though, like a marshmallow.

Now onto the stamping. I hadn't used the Moyou stamper yet, hadn't done anything to it. So this picture is of it straight out of the bag;

Moyou Stamper: Not prepped
I couldn't hack the grease and it wasn't stamping well, see how the polish isn't very clearly defined? It was almost like the surface tension of the polish was higher and it didn't want to spread out. Or maybe the surface of the stamper is non-wetting, whatever, this is just chemistry jargon, not important. anyway I decided to clean the greasy residue off with dish soap. Here's the result;

Moyou Stamper: After being cleaned
It's a bit better, the chevron lines especially. But still not perfect compared to the Ebay stamper. My next step would be to file it, or use an eraser, but seeing as I already have a perfectly working XL stamper I'll wait until I actually need it before I do anything, so sorry I can't be more helpful about how to get to work better.

The next photo is the Ebay stamper and you can see that the image stamps much better on this. I haven't had to clean it, it just worked perfectly straight out of the box. I clean it with sticky tape. And it's perfect, no missing spots, nothing wrong with, just gorgeous, crisp and exactly how it's meant to be. Pity the photo couldn't be better, but oh well. 

Ebay Stamper
 This last photo is just for comparisons sake and is of my Salon Express stamper, which is not an excel stamper and is made of much less squishy material. It doesn't give and it hurts my nails to do a full design because of the length and the fact mine curve in both directions. You need to roll the image with this one, not just plonk it down. But the image transfers to the stamper perfectly, and it would stamp perfectly if you can master the rolling method or had flat nails. It doesn't work too well for me. 

Salon Express Stamper
 The following picture shows the difference between the design once it's stamped when using the different XL stampers. The crisper image on the left is the Ebay stamper as the image sits flat on the stamper and transfers exceptionally well. The Moyou stamper transfers perfectly too, but it because it doesn't pick up well in the first lace, the image won't be as good. Again this stamper requires some prep. I used Moyou Explorer Plate 03 for this.
Image comparison: Ebay stamper - Moyou stamper
 So there you have it, my personal experience with the different XL stampers. I would stick with the Ebay one, however you haven o guarantees on quality with them as each seller may have a different stamper and therefore you may have different results. All I know is that mine was marketed as squishy and sticky and that it is. The Moyou requires prep, but I'm sure it would be perfect after that. for reference the Ebay stamper was $10 for 3 stampers and 3 scrapers, the Moyou was 6.99 pounds, so over $10, and that doesn't include shipping.

For people with long nails, I highly recommend XL stampers, the image quality is so good and there's no rolling to fuss around with. Lining up the image is so much easier. 

If you have any queries on the stampers let me know in the comments section and I'll try to help you out :)

See you next time!

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  1. Which site for ebay samper hun?

  2. I'm not sure hey! It came in a pack of three with a green rectangular stamper and a konad type stamper. You should be able to find something similar at the moment as I've seen other girls buying the same packs.