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Friday, 18 July 2014

China Glaze Cleopatra Review + Swatches

Hi guys!
another post today! I'm trying to make up for being away so much these last few weeks. Today I have a review of a China Glaze polish. This one is called Cleopatra and it's part of CGs specialty glitters line. 

China Glaze Cleopatra
I'm not sure of the release date of this polish, but I believe it was in 2009. I picked up Cleopatra from Ozsale I think. They often have China glaze on sale from $4 to $7 depending. Their variety changes though so they won't always have the same polishes up for grabs. This site is where i get pretty much all my CG from. 

China Glaze Cleopatra - Sun
Cleopatra is a fine warm gold glitter polish with bits of holographic glitter of the same size. In the sun the holo glitter really come to life and sparkles blue and green. The following shows the awesome sparklyness that is Cleopatra;

China Glaze Cleopatra - Sun
This polish is seriously sparkly in sunlight and I love how it does the little catchlight start thingies! Here's another to show the holo glitter;

China Glaze Cleopatra - Sun
All of these photos show 2 coats of Cleopatra with a coat of Poshé. It's not 100% glassy after 1 coat of topcoat, so if this bothers you you may need 2. My bottle of Cleopatra is very thick as the cap wasn't tightened properly after it was last used. So it looks like half of it is gone. I added a bunch of thinner to help smooth it out, but the plus side is that I only needed 2 coats and not 3. This polish was quite easy to use. although goopy it spread around the nail quite evenly and I had no flooding issues :)

China Glaze Cleopatra - Shade
In the shade this polish takes on a mellow gold look. I like the colour because it's not too brassy. It's like the perfect gold.

China Glaze Cleopatra - Shade
Most of the specialty glitters from CG have the same type of formula, thick glue smelling base like CG fairy Dust and the fine glitter in different colours. I have Atlantis which I'm looking forward to using. To save my nails I used a PVA basecoat as I don't fancy trying to remove Cleopatra, it will take forever!

Do you have any of the China Glaze specialty glitters? what do you think of them?

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