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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Multicoloured Pastel Chevrons Stamped Over White

Hi guys!
My last blog post was ages ago, I know, I've had some computer issues the last few weeks and it's finally all sorted out so I can blog again! This mani is a few weeks old now but I still think it's pretty awesome. This is pastel chevron stamping over a white gel base.

Pastel Chevrons Stamped Over Gelish Sheek White

I've been wanting to do a mani like this since I first used this chevron stamp. I absolutely love this stamp! This mani started as a base of Gelish Sheek White which is a soak off gel polish. This is the only white soak off gel I have and it required 3 coats to get what you see in the picture. I'm not totally happy with this colour for white manis as it's a bit sheer. I think it would be perfect for a french as it's not a stark white. But I will be looking around for another white that's hopefully an opaque two coater.

Pastel Chevrons Stamped Over Gelish Sheek White
Indoor Natural Light
After the white was cured I applied a regular polish basecoat to help the stamp stick to the gel. I find the stamping lasts longer if I do this. Without it, it just seems to peel off. The stamping image I used was from Born Pretty's BPL-03. I used Mundo de Unas colours mixed with MDU white to create the pastel colours. I then used a small art brush to apply the individual colours to the stamp. I scraped following the direction of the chevrons to avoid the colours from mixing too much. It actually worked quite well!

Pastel Chevrons Stamped Over Gelish Sheek White
Indoor Natural Light
The stamping colours did start to dry up a bit towards the end and started to take on different hues. So some of the colours are a bit darker on some nails but the overall look is quite consistent. I top coated using Peita's Polish Quick, Gloss Me Up top coat. I like this one as the brush holds enough product that it easily coats the nail without smudging. I've been using it over all my stamping designs. There is also no shrinking so my manis aren't peeling up, which I experienced with Poshé (but that might be because it's getting to the end of the bottle).

Pastel Chevrons Stamped Over Gelish Sheek White
Indoor Fluorescent Light
So what do you think of this multicoloured stamped mani? I'm very happy with how it turned out! It wasn't too difficult either. 

Are you into chevron designs?

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