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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Gelibility Review - Turn Any Polish Into Gel!

Hi guys,
This post has been a long time coming as I wanted to get to know the product a bit before writing my review on it. Today I will be showing you Gelibility, a new product that allows you to turn any nail polish into gel. Interested? Well, read on!

Gelibility Mixed With a Custom Shade
You may have already heard about it, maybe not, but Gelibility is a UV cured gel product that allows you to turn any nail polish into gel. This means that you can use any of your existing polish shades as a gel shade and get the bonus of lasting wear in the colour you want! When I enquired about the product, Brandy, the owner of Gelibility, was kind enough to send me a set as thank you for helping her find an Australian stockist. So I'm absolutely stoked to be able to show this to you.

Gelibility Custom Shade - Outdoor Shade
I first found out about Gelibility on one of the online gel forums. There's a similar product called Mega Mix which is available in the UK. To use Geilibility you choose the nail polish of your choice (or mix a few to get the shade you want) and mix equal parts polish to equal parts Gelibility. this can be a bit tricky as Gelibility is quite thick, so one drop of polish may not be of equal volume to one drop of the gel. So just eyeball it, but I usually do two drops of polish to each drop of the Gelibility Fix It, which is the colour additive and top coat. For this particular mani that I'm showing you today, I mixed up my own colour using the three polishes in the photo below.

Mixing and Matching
the steps for using Gelibility are pretty much the same as for a normal gel mani. After applying my base coat (I use Gelish Vitagel as I like the removal I get with it) I mixed up 3 drops of Gelibility Fix It and about 6 drops of the polishes. I mixed the polishes together in an old contact lense container which works really well due to the dome shape. The palette that comes with the Gelibility set is not as user friendly due to the corners and crevices. I use a flat paint brush from the art store to apply the colour coats to my nails. The first coat is very very sheer with Geilibility and has been the three times I've used it. After that it becomes more opaque. I cured each layer for 45 seconds in my Gelish lamp and I used 3 coats of colour in total. For the whole manicure I used a total of 10 drops of Gelibility and I had quite a bit left over. I topped it all off with Gelish's Top It Off as I wanted to conserve the Fix It.

Gelibility Custom Shade - Fluorescent Light
The final product was quite beautiful, a nice shimmery orangey pink that changes in the light. The gel top coat makes it look fantastic! I do find that using the Gelibility makes the whole process a bit more fiddly but if you're after a particular shade it really is worth it. I suggest you get a palette and brush that you like as you can't use the brush from the Gelibility bottle without contaminating the product and I would not advise using the brush from the polish you choose as you will introduce uncured gel into the bottle which can cause allergies.

Gelibility Custom Shade - Fluorescent Light
Gelibility can be purchased as a set that has both the Stick It Gel Bonder (basecoat) and Fix It (colour and topcoat). I've used the Stick It once and had a horrendous removal where the gel just wouldn't come off, it stuck too well. Since then I've used Vitagel as removal is always easy with it. I also use my own top coat instead of the Fix It as I don't like to waste it. I haven't had any issues although these products are not marketed as being able to work together, so do so at your own risk.

Gelibility Custom Shade - Sun
I'm a fan of Gelibility because it allows you to make whatever colour you want into gel without  compromising on wear time like you would with a Gel Sandwich. There's also no wait time for polish to dry like there is with a Gel Sandwich. The downsides are that it does dilute your nail polish and the colour can be slightly different and more translucent (jelly) than the original and holo polish come out less linear. More coats are sometimes required to get the polish to be opaque but this depends a lot on your application. I'm very happy with how the gel spreads over my nails and I find the application with Gelibility has been great. The soak off does take a bit longer than with traditional gel colour though.

Gelibility Custom Shade - Sun
Gelibility can be purchased from their store and they do post internationally. If you're in Autralia there is a distributor here, you can find the details on how to order through the Facebook page.To purchase the Fix It by itself will run you about $20, otherwise the set set is around $38. If you're a fan of gel but want to be able to use your exisiting polish stash as gel then I would recommend this product to you. You get the lovely shine of gel as well as 2 weeks of wear with no bubbling issues or cracking. 

Gelibility Custom Shade - Fluorescent Light
If you have any questions about how to use it or my experiences leave a comment down below.
What do you think of Gelibility? Would you use it?

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  1. ooo I didnt even think of mixing up a new color. great idea!

  2. It makes it even more customisable! I've been in search of a coral/orange/red colour for ages and now I can stop looking :D