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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christian Louboutin Swatches and Review

Hi guys,
Today's post is a bit outside my normal range, most of the polishes I review are indies or 'drug store' lacquers. Today I have for you some swatches of Christian Louboutin's Rouge in the glorious bottles. It's beautiful! Want to know if the polish lives up to the name? Keep reading!

Christian Louboutin Rouge + Lace Stamping
As you probably know, Christian Louboutin released a collection of over 30 nail polishes this year, with the 'flagship' polish being the Rouge. Rouge is the same colour as the famous soles of the CL shoes and this polish is touted as being an exact match, as well as having the same coverage as "20 layers of traditional lacquer". Now most people went nuts with this statement saying why on earth would they want 20 layers of polish on their nails. This is not what CL means as traditional lacquer is akin to furniture lacquer which is much thinner. What the company was trying to say is that their polish very opaque and it is!

Christian Louboutin Rouge
The polish comes in this awesome multifaceted bottle and beautiful box embossed with the Christian Louboutin logo. You may have also noticed the brush handle? It's designed with the stiletto heel in mind as well as the shape of a calligraphy pen. It's quite heavy to hold, but not uncomfortably so. The presentation is really a piece of art in itself. The whole thing a bautiful piece of work and warrants being a collectors item. 

Christian Louboutin Rouge - Overcast
The polish itself is 13ml, pretty small volume considering the size of the bottle. But it's good stuff. You really only need one coat. I used two as I was having some difficulty and there were thin patches in spots. The formula is quite thick, but not difficult to work with. My issue was not loading my brush enough and therefore not having enough polish to cover the whole nail. The brush itself is good, nothing spectacular but wider than average (smaller than OPI though) with long bristles. The brush moves the polish around well without leaving streaks. This polish is also super easy to clean up with and doesn't stain the skin around the nails, bonus!

Christian Louboutin Rouge - Overcast
I quite enjoyed using this polish. The biggest issue for me is the handle being so long! I've knocked the bottle over (with the lid screwed on) a few times as I've left it on my side table and forget how large it is. When using the brush the handle ways a lot more than usual but I don't think it's an issue. I don't worry about poking my eyes out when I use the brush either. I will be keeping this bottles out on display I think as it's a bit large for my usual storage area and it looks so good!

Christian Louboutin Rouge - Overcast
Now, onto the clincher. Is this polish actually worth it? Well that depends on what you like about it. The formula is good, but I would not buy the same polish in a standard bottle, it's the bottle shape and design that I like. I did not buy this polish myself, it was a gift from my dad, who went to the US for a conference. I think he had fun in the Christian Louboutin store lol. Would I buy this polish myself? I would consider getting one from the Noir collection as I like the colours and these are a bit of a collector's item and something I would display. I think they're worth it, but I will not be buying the whole collection. I know a lady who is working her way through them though and the pictures of all of them together are beautiful. For those of you wanting a piece of a Louboutin iconography you can buy these polishes at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms and from Christian Louboutin themselves and they are priced at $50. They are estimated to reach Autralian shores in early 2015, but I hate to see what the price will be. 

I was going to include my nail art in this post but it's getting a bit long, so I will do a separate post for that!

What do you think of the Christian Louboutin polishes? Would you get one?

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