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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christian Louboutin Rouge + Stamping

Hi guys,
So this was all originally going to be one post, but it was too long so I split it into two. The review of christian Louboutin Rouge can be found here. This post will be about the nail art I did on top of Rouge. Keep reading if you want to know what I did :)

Christian Louboutin Rouge + Stamping
So first up, you might have noticed that I changed my nail shape. I have had squoval nails for nearly 7 years now and after seeing all these beautiful almond shaped nails I wanted a change. This is a working progress but I'm quite happy with how it looks at the moment. I may venture out to a more pointed tip later, but we'll see. The base of this mani is 2 coats of CL rouge (this polish doesn't need two coats if you paint it properly the first time around) which is a beautiful medium red. I think this is the perfect red without being too bright or too vampy.

Christian Louboutin Rouge - Overcast
I wanted to do a lace stamping design over this polish before I even received it. I decided to use Emily de Molly's stamping plate EDM01 which can be purchased here. I tried to use my new Mundo de Unas black but it's not cooperating with me so I only managed to do my ring finger with it. The other nails are stamped with Orly's Liquid Vinyl. You can tell the difference, the MDU is much more opaque but the black seems to dry too fast to get a good stamp. 

Christian Louboutin Rouge + Stamping
On my ring fingers and thumbs I stamped with the intricate full lace design and on my other nails I used a portion of the centre design. I think this design goes really well with my new nail shape as it kind of accents the curve. To get the portion of the image I wanted I covered the parts I like with polish and scraped away from the unwanted parts. I then lined up the tip of my nail with the bottom of the image and stamped. It was quite quick!

Christian Louboutin Rouge + Stamping
I really like using portions of the design to create different looks. It makes the plates a lot more usable too. In the photo above you can clearly see the difference between the opaqueness of the image on my thumb and ring finger. The MDU looks so much better but I hardly ever get a full image transfer with this polish. I've tried shaking it and mixing it and using it indifferent rooms to no avail. So if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

Christian Louboutin Rouge + Stamping
I'm quite a fan of this design, especially with this nail shape. I think it suits really well. This red is also the perfect colour for my skin tone without feeling too 'cheap'. It's a great red. It goes awesomely with black accents as well. Gold would also work.
Christian Louboutin Rouge + Stamping
I'm really digging this combo (as you can probably tell). I would also like to try out a black gradient to match the bottle, maybe I'll do that next time. 

How many of you have tried this luxe polish? Do you think it's worth it?

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