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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Neon Fan Brush Nail Art With Studs

Hi guys!
I have another white based mani for you today, this one is using some neon shades, making it summer appropriate! This mani was super easy and didn't take long at all!

Neon Fan Brush Nail Art + Studs
As I said in my previous post, I'm currently sporting a white gel mani using Gelish Sheek White. I bought a fan brush from an art store to use for nail art. I looked up a few youtube videos and posts about how to do it and it's really quite simple. I don't feel that I've 'refined' the technique yet, but it's not too bad!

Neon Fan Brush Nail Art + Studs
I based my colour choice for this mani on the neon studs I received in one of my Emily de Molly purchases. The bag was full of multiple sized and shaped studs in purple, pink, blue, green and this highlighter yellow colour. I like the idea of the yellow and blue together so I went with that.

Neon Fan Brush Nail Art + Studs
The colours I chose were Zoya Rocky (blue) and Funky Fingers Glow Stick. The Funky Fingers was sent to my buy a lovely lady in the US as they're not available in Australia, or anywhere besides the Five Below stores that they're made for. However the same company that makes FF also makes Color Club and they have a dupe of this colour in their Neone Poptastic collection. To get the design on my accent nails I dipped the bristle of the fan brush in one colour at a time, swiped of the excess on paper and then brushed it onto the nail. Glowstick wouldn't spread easily and it's a bit more difficult to see in the light of the photographs but it's pretty cool! I topped off all nails with a coat of Poshé.

Neon Fan Brush Nail Art + Studs
This is my first time using Glowstick, it's a really cool colour. A few brands have their own version of this shade out and it's a neon yellow highlighter colour. Really cool to find that in a nail polish. Glowstick also has some really fine yellow shimmer running through which is quite noticeable under fluoro lights or in the sun. All my photos are taken in overcast conditions so you can't really see it.  These kinds of neon colour tend to dry matte, so if you use them as full mani, top coat is recommended.

Neon Fan Brush Nail Art + Studs
The studs are from EDM and each pack contains about 100 I think. In the pack there are several shapes and sizes including; stars, squares, rectangles, triangles and circles. The circles came in all colours and in two sizes so I picked out the large circles in the yellow/chartreuse colour and the small studs in blue. I stick them on with quick dry top coat and then paint a fairly thick coat on top to make them stay. I hardly ever lose studs as they sit fairly flat on the nails compared to rhinestones.

Neon Fan Brush Nail Art + Studs
What do you think of the combination of white and neon colours? Have you tried a fan brushing mani before?

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