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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gold and White Nail Art

Hi guys,
Long time no write! I know, bad blogger. I have been quite busy lately and the super hot weather has not made for a good blogging session. Sounds kind of contradictory doesn't it? Anyhow, today's post features another Gelish colour and design over it. Get ready for a spate of white manis with nail art!

Gelish Sheek White + Gold Stamping
The base of this mani is Gelish Sheek White. This is my latest Gelish manicure and I'm starting to realise that being duper neat and precise with application is really the key to having a long lasting gel mani. You can't cleanup after it's cured! If you missed my last post about my first impressions of Gelish and gel manis then here it is! The base of this mani is not as neat as I would have liked, the nails are a bit thick in some places, espcially close to the tips, but it's not too bad, I can live with it! The following picture shows Sheek White by itself, this is 4 coats (I know! But they're really thin!).

Gelish Sheek White
I decided to mattify this mani using Essie Matte About You, which is a really nice an very matte top coat. I'm a big fan of it as long as it doesn't leave white specs on my nails, which isn't an issue when you have a white base. There's no shine at all, I love that!

Essie Matte About You
I stamped on top of the matte white nails with an image from Moyou Fairytale 10, which I really haven't used that much and kind of regret buying. I am scrutinising images a lot more now before purchasing. I used the bottom hounds tooth like image on my ring finger and thumbs and stamped with my go to gold, Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever.

Gelish Sheek White + Gold Stamping
On my other nails I stamped 'studs' using an image from Emily De Molly's EDM03. There's 3 sizes of round studs, two squares, a rectangle and a triangle. It actually worked out quite well! I used the two smallest circles and scraped really lightly. I picked them up with the firm side of my double ended stamper, first time I've used it!

Gelish Sheek White + Gold Stamping
I absolutely love the way my thumb turned out, so perfect!

Gelish Sheek White + Gold Stamping
I'm a fan of this image, it's like houndstooth but made up of winged lovehearts. sounds weird but when you see it from a distance it looks like houndstooth. The studs turned out ok, but they are comparatively large areas and the polish kind of got 'pushed' put of the image and so some parts are more faint than others. But all in all, not too bad.

Gelish Sheek White + Gold Stamping
I haven't top coated this design at all, I'm not sure I want to. I could use a matte top coat but I'll probably end up changing this in a day or so anyway so there's really no point! And the images seem to be holding out quite well.

Gelish Sheek White + Gold Stamping
What do you think of this design? Do you like white and gold together? What about when matte is thown in?

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