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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Gold MDU Stamping Over Gelish Sheek White

Hi guys,
Today's post features another mani that I did during my little holiday.

Gold MDU Stamping Over White
I received my Mundo de Unas order the day before I left, which was great because it enabled me to play around with the stamping polishes whilst away. I spoke yesterday about my experience with the black MDU polish, which did not go well. My experience with the gold is completely different!

Gold MDU Stamping Over White - Sun
In these photos I had been wearing my Gelish Sheek White base for about a week and half, so it was still holding up quite well despite all the mani changes. I used Moyou London Explorer plate 03 (a really great staple plate, I highly recommend it!) and a different image for each finger. The images are quite large so my pinky lost a lot of detail, even though I used the smallest image on it. 

Gold MDU Stamping Over White - Shade
Stamping with MDU gold was exactly what I thought it would be. The paint takes a long time t dry so you have plenty of time to position the image and even clean your stamper and scraper whilst waiting. If you stamp too soon the image smooshes and smudges, so waiting is necessary. You can always blow on the stamper after you've picked up the image to make it dry faster. 

Gold MDU Stamping Over White - Sun
I love how these nails turned out because the design is so crisp and visible. the stamping polish is super opaque and transfers so well onto the nail, the opposite of my experience with MDU black. The gold will be one of my most used polishes I think, I'm quite a fan of it!

Gold MDU Stamping Over White - Shade
In terms of colour, out in the sun MDU gold is more of a bronzed olive gold. However in the shade you can see that it takes on more of a yellow quality. So it is a bit of chameleon. In terms of how this polish compares to my old go to gold, Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever, I'd say I prefer the MDU as the image is so much more opaque. However you do need to wait before transferring, so stamping takes longer with this polish, also the MDUs have quite a strong smell, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

Gold MDU Stamping Over White - Shade
What do you think of this white and gold combination? Have you tried Mundo de Unas or Moyou Explorer plate 03?

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