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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Top 10 Manis of 2014

Long time no see, I know, I've been a terrible blogger the last 6 weeks. Since my last blog post I've finished up uni, moved house and am preparing to start my first real job, I'm super psyched! During that time I've still been painting my nails and doing nail art, but haven't got around to writing about any of it. I've seen a lot of favourites posts the last few days and decided to make one up myself! So here goes my top 10 manis of 2014!

In no particular order I'll list off my 2014 favourites along with links to the post in which they appeared..

China Glaze Secret Periwinkle with added holo top coat was amazing for me. I tried this combo first on my toes and then I had to do it on my hands as well, I just love it! The cornflower/periwinkle blue creme looks amazing with Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo topcoat.
China Glaze Secret Periwinkle +  Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo Topcoat

Following up with another holo look I loved is this mani featuring Emily de Molly's Living After Midnight, a beautiful maroon toned holo polish with a strong flame. I love this polish!
Emily de Molly Living After Midnight

As far as neutral looks go, Glints of Glinda was used quite a bit this year. The addition of Swarovski crystals and white stamping just went so well with this peachy pink sheer. I'm a big fan of the OPI soft shades as they work really well for toned down looks. Glints of Glinda also seems to go really well with my skin tone.
Glints of Glinda + EdM Stamping

I have another Emily de Molly on my favourites list, Turbulence, this is my favourite jelly glitter polish. the base is transluscent enough to let that glitter shine whilst also adding depth. I like that it was only 3 coats too.
Emily de Molly Turbulence

The following combo has to be my fvourite spring time look for the year I think. The soft green with slight shimmer as well as the gold accents just make me swoon. I love love love this mani. The base is Ulta3 Corsican Rose and although it took a few coats to build the colour up it looks divine!
Ulta3 Corsican Rose + EdM Stamping

My favourite thermal of the year goes to Liquid Sky Lacquer's Margaritaville. I thoroughly enjoyed this polish and the colour changes, I mean it's green, it's holo and it's a thermal, what more could you want? The subtle holo also makes it awesome in the sun. Great polish!
Liquid Sky Lacquer Margaritaville

The award for the most expensive polish of the year goes to . . . drum roll . . . you guessed it, Rouge Louboutin. I'm super happy with this polish and it looks awesome on display. It's a great red with an amazing formula and adds a touch of luxe to your day. I'm very happy with this!
Christian Louboutin Rouge

For some reason I am absolutely drawn to these pictures. I don't know what it is about this polish but Sally Hansen Moonstone looks unreal! it also heps that the nails are all consistent and a nice length. The colour change on this polish was really nice and subtle, like a pearl.
Sally Hansen Moonstone
And here's another photo because it's my favourite!
Sally Hansen Moonstone

Another holo and another Emily de Molly on my favourites list is Setting Sun. This coral peach holo is absolutely beautiful and it's the closest thing to pink on my favourites list this year. I love it! I'd also just like to mention how goo the formula is on all my EdM polishes, there will be many more purchased in the future (or already in th mail on their way to me . . . :D)
Emily de Molly Setting Sun
And last but not least I have Zoya Veruschka. Unfortunately I wore this right when I started my blog so the pictures leave a bit to be desired. Hopefully you can see the beauty of this polish. It's a gorgeous vampy green matte with a lovely formula and finish. I love this polish! Actually all the Zoya mattes are awesome.
Zoya Veruschka
So, what do you think of this favourites list? Are any of yours on it?
I love seeing what everyone else is a fan of, looking at my own list holo is pretty high up there!

Hopefully I'll have enough time to keep on blogging with this new job, I'll certainly try!

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