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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Dressing Up Black Nails

Hi guys,
For today's post I've got two nail art looks using a black base. I love the look of black and gold together, so both the manis featured in this post use that combination. Enjoy!

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold Nail Art
The base of this mani is GellieBeans Black Licorice, a gel polish that I actually reviewed in my last post. The black base is deep and glossy looking and looks great with gold over top. I did both of these manis over the weekend as it's so easy to change it up when you've got gel polish on.

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold EdM Stamping
The first look I tried out was stamping with studs. I stamped with Mundo De Unas gold using an Emily de Molly plate, EdM06. To stamp over gel I now lay down a coat of basecoat and then apply the stamp. I find that this allows the image to transfer better as the base is slightly tacky and the top coat is also less likely to peel up. 

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold EdM Stamping
 I applied small gold studs to my other fingers using Poshé Quick Dry Top Coat. The studs come from a wheel that I purchased on Ebay for around $3. I topped this all off with Quick! Gloss Me Up! by Peita's Polish, which is a super glossy topcoat that dries fairly quickly.

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold EdM Stamping
One thing about using studs on gel polish, when removing the studs be careful not to rub to hard and scrape the stud over the polish. You can scratch the gel which ruins the super glossy finish. Ask me how I know!

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold Moyou Stamping
This next look uses stamping and stripping tape, something I haven't used in a long long time. If you check my blog you'll find probably only one other post that uses the tape. I really love the look of stripping tape and thought I'd give it a go again. I bought a set of 32 rolls on Ebay for a few bucks last year I think. My issue with stripping tape is that it doesn't last on the nail. The edges will peel up no matter how much top coat you use and it's super annoying.

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold Moyou Stamping
Again, I used MDU gold for the stamping, this time with Moyou London Pro XL06 plate. I like images that only partly cover the nail. I'm hanging out for some new stamping plates though, I have some coming from China and boy are  they taking their time! I top coated these nails with Peita's Polish again as I really am liking the finish of the polish. I don't see this mani lasting very long due to the tape, but it was fun to take pictures!

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold Moyou Stamping
I really am liking this combination though. If you have any tip on stripping tape, let me know! I'd love to know how you get it to stick to you mani. Whilst taking photos of this mani I remembered that I had the perfect prop to pose with!

GellieBeans Black Licorice With Gold Moyou Stamping
Nice huh? I like that simple black nails can be jazzed up with some gold accents to take away from the 'goth' look that so many people associate this colour with.

So what do you think of black nails? Are you a fan of blinging out your nails with gold?

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