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Friday, 30 January 2015

GellieBeans Candy Heart Pink Review + Swatches

Hi guys, 
I have another gel polish review for you today. This time I'm sporting more of neutral like than my previous black mani. Review and swatches after the jump!

GellieBeans Pink Candy Heart

GellieBeans is a gel polish brand that specialises in candy inspired soak of gel polish. They sell all their products in small bottles to reduce the unit the price and give more colour variation for the cost of a traditional sized gel polish. I'm quite a fan of this brand as I mentioned in my previous review of Black Licorice. I like the bottle, I like the brush and I love the formula. The bottles are only 3.7ml, tiny by normal standards, but you can get quite a few manis from this. This is my third time using Candy Heart Pink in a gel mani and I thought it was high time that I give it its own review. 

GellieBeans Pink Candy Heart - Indoors, Natural Light
Candy Heart Pink is a sheer light pink gel polish with a wonderful formula. You only a smidgen on the brush to get a a full coat. I typically do very thin coats of gel and what you see in the picture is 3 coats of Candy Heart Pink over a Gelish Vitagel base. I topped this off with 2 thin coats of Gelish Top It Off which is incredibly shiny and wear resistant.

GellieBeans Pink Candy Heart - Indoors, Natural Light
The overall look of this is "my nails but better"in the sense that it gives off a vibe a nice healthy nails. there;s some obvious VNL but because of the colour I don't mind this so much. When I put nail art over top the VNL doesn't accross as strongly. The thing that I like about this colour is that it gives a very natural look that would be perfect for french manicures. If I were to add white tips I'd probably on do two coats of Candy Heart Pink and sandwich the white tip in between the colour coats.

GellieBeans Pink Candy Heart - Indoors, Natural Light
As I mentioned before the bottle is very small, the same size as the OPI minis in fact. The brush is quite skinny with long flexible bristles that allow you to move the gel polish around really easily. You've got to remember that with gel there is not time limit on how long you spend with one coat. The gel doesn't dry in the air, so having a narrow brush won't cause streakiness as gel self levels. The thin brush allows you to get a good amount of product on the nails without flooding the cuticles. The formula also helps with this as it's thin, but not too runny. I am a huge fan of the GellieBeans formula and brush combo.

GellieBeans Pink Candy Heart - Indoors, Fluorescent Light
I will post some of the nail art that I do over this light pink base. Expect a lot of stamping as I've got 8 new plates to play with!

What do you think of gel polish? Have you tried GellieBeans before?

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