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Friday, 30 January 2015

New Born Pretty Plates and Gold Stamping

Hi again! 
I only posted a few hours ago but I really wanted to show you this mani before head off to work. This gold stamping is over a neutral pink gel base and I just love the combination!

Gold Stamping Over Candy Heart Pink
I just posted about this neutral pink gel base that I've been wearing the last few days and I really wanted to stamp over it before I go back to work. I received my order of the 8 new Born Pretty plates that came out a few months ago. The collection consists of 8 plates with a mix of full nail images as well as 'buffet' plates and some other smaller images. Here's a pic of all the plates together;

BP L Collection - Source
I was alerted to a great deal on ebay, all 8 plates for $16, what a deal! So I snapped them up and they finally arrived after 5 weeks of waiting. I love this collection, there's so much variety in the plates. The plates are the same size as the Moyou London ones and have a pink backing. The images are all different sizes though which I think is great as this will suit short and long nailed gals. My nails are short at the moment so I can pretty much wear all of these, yay! The design I chose to use is from BP-L03 and is concentric circles overlapping each other. These images stamp great! Granted I've only used the one plate but the reviews on this collection have been good.

Gold Stamping Over Candy Heart Pink
 I started out with just my ring finger and thumb with the full image. I used Mundo de Unas Gold for the stamping. I used a base coat over the gel as I think the images and top coat stick better than if they're applied directly over the gel base. I applied small gold studs on my other fingers. After about an hour I decided that I wanted to add to it and drew some inspiration from this mani. I used circular page reinforcer stickers (not sure what to call them) and cut them in half. I laid one semi circle over each of the studs and then stamped on the nail with the same image. Before removing the sticker I used a fine detail brush to paint a line of gold around the border of the sticker. I then removed the sticker straight away and continued on to the next nail. I top coated all nails with Peita's Polish Quick! Gloss Me Up!
Gold Stamping Over Candy Heart Pink
I love how the image looks on my ring finger and thumbs, unfortunately I already have wear on my index. I forgot to use the base coat on the stud nails. I think this confirms my theory that the base coat definitely helps with longevity of stamping/topcoat. It's interesting because coloured polishes stick to the gel so well, I never get chipping!

Gold Stamping Over Candy Heart Pink
I really like the effect when all the nails can be seen in the one picture, I think it looks awesome! I'm getting better at not smudging the stamping when applying top coat but I think there's a learning curve to it and a lot of different factors that can effect the final look. Peita's Polish seems to do quite well for me and doesn't smudge the stamping as long as I float it on. However, if I use too much topcoat it smudges, so there's a balancing act. Here's a close-up of my thumb so you can see the full image in all of its glory;

Gold Stamping Over Candy Heart Pink
I'm having some issues with my phone camera making the images blurry, I'm going to have to figure out what's going on with it. or maybe just get a new phone! 

What do you think of this combination? I love this stamp! It's so awesome! I can't wait to use more from that collection. I won't be needing any more plates for a while!

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