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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Emily de Molly Head Over Heels Swatches + Review

Hi guys,
For today's post a I have an indie nail polish. If you saw my last post, a lot of my favourites from 2014 were indies, namely Emily de Molly, well today's polish is also an EdM. I can't say enough good things about this brand, I love every polish I've bought from them and the formula on each one has been wonderful. This is Emily de Molly's Head Over Heels.

Emily de Molly Head Over Heels
I acquired this polish during the EdM boxing day sale. I bought nine polishes that day and they all arrived within 5 business days which is awesome considering that I live in the middle of nowhere now! Hayley's customer service is great, she's always shipped less than 48 hours after purchase which I think is great. during the sale most of the polish I bought was between $4 and $7 but I also bought the new multichrome flakie trio as well which weren't on sale. If you're new to Emily de molly you can purchase her polishes on the Emily de Molly Big Cartel site.

Emily de Molly Head Over Heels - Indoors with Natural Light
I thought that after buying a holographic top coat I'd lay off buying holos, well not true. For some reason I seem to make exceptions for the EdM ones. I don't mind supporting Aussie brands though :)
Head Over Heels is a medium toned lilac/lavender with a strong holo flame. The holo is really subtle in natural light but shows up really well in the sun and in fluorescent lights. Unfortunately the sun wasn't out the day I took photos so I only have the fluoro lights.

Emily de Molly Head Over Heels - Indoors
When the light doesn't reflect the holo at all the polish is still a really nice pale purple. It's not too silvered either. I think when the holo particles are slightly larger it produces a much nicer effect than the really fine particles which tend to grey the colour quite a lot. The formula of this polish is amazing, like all the EdMs I've tried. not too thin, not too thick and really easy to control. the brush is also really good at spreading the colour around and makes for nice even coats. Most nails are two coats of colour, some are three, my index and thumb I think. I'm having a few application issues due to the new climate I'm in. It's really dry outside and we have evaporative cooling, so there's a fair bit of air flow. I'll just have to get use to it!

Emily de Molly Head Over Heels - Indoor + Flash
Ahhh, look at that holo! With flash the holo stands out so clearly! You may have also noticed that my nails are quite long in this photo. I have since done a big chop and gone back to my usual square shape, I did have fun with the almond look, it really does require much longer nails to pull it off though and this length was becoming impractical for me. I start work properly on Monday and these would probably have broken. Also, I found this shape requires more maintenance. After each gel manicure I needed to file to get the shape back again as the tips wear a lot during the 10 to 14 days between my gel changes. I did have a lot of fun with the almond shape though, it makes your fingers look so long! It's also really really good for scratching lol. These pictures is the longest I let my nails go and I have been steadily growing them since November.

Emily de Molly Head Over Heels - Fluorescent Light
I really do love this colour, in the coming weeks I'll show you more of what I bought during that boxing day sale. Some of them are really cool and unique! If you are looking for a new brand to try and haven't tried Emily de molly before I highly recommend it! There a few international stockists of the brand as well like Llarowe. 

Emily de Molly Head Over Heels - Indoor Natural Light
Next post I'll be talking about gel again, so if that's something you want to read about stay tuned!

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