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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Emily de Molly Lace Man Swatches and Review

Hi guys,
After posting about the geometric nail art I did over Emily de Molly's Lace Man, I thought I should probably post about this awesome polish.

Emily de Molly Lace Man
Emily de Molly Lace Man is from the 2014 Anchor Man 2 collection. I bought this from the EdM store during their boxing day sale so I ended only paying about $8! I've probably already said this but I'll say it again, I love polishes with contrasting shimmer. It makes it so much more interesting! This polish is absolutely gorgeous and I'd say totally work appropriate with a little bit of interest added if you look closely.

Emily de Molly Lace Man - Sun
This polish is quite hard to describe. I'd call it a taupe, kind of half way between purple and grey, but the colour changes quite a lot depending on the light you're in. The red shimmer is made of tiny flakies that shift a bit towards yellow and there's a glass fleck look to this polish as well. 

Emily de Molly Lace Man - Indoor Natural Light
In the shade this polish looks much more muted and leans purple. The shimmer isn't very visible but the flecks are still apparent. As with all EdM polishes I've tried so far this polish applied like butter. Two coats and it was opaque. I applied this over a light pink gel base. I love the formula on EdMs, they've always been great and apply really easily. The brush makes things so much better too, I am a big fan of the brush. 

Emily de Molly Lace Man - Indoor Fluorescent Light
Under Fluoro light the polish becomes darker and the shimmer is very visible. I really enjoyed wearing this shade as I think it's gorgeous. It would look great mattified as well!

Emily de Molly Lace Man - Sun
What do you think of polishes with contrasting shimmer? Have you tried out Emily de Molly yet?

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