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Saturday, 14 February 2015

GellieBeans Blueberry Jam Swatches + Review

Hi guys!
For this post I have another gel polish to show you. This colour is from one of my favourite gel brands, GellieBeans. I present to you Blueberry Jam!

GellieBeans Blueberry Jam
I've posted about GellieBeans polishes a couple of times. They're a US based gel polish company that specialises in small bottles of candy inspired colours. I buy my bottles from Ozsale when they go on special and pick them up for about $7 each. They're only tiny 3.7 ml bottles but they will last quite a while.I absolutely love the formula on all the GellieBeans I've tried and I will pick up more when they're next on Ozsale.

GellieBeans Blueberry Jam - Sun
Blueberry Jam is a cross between a navy and royal blue in a creme jelly finish. In some lights it looks really squishy and in others it comes across as more of a creme finish. The formula on this was a tad thicker than the others I've used, but not in a bad way. It's more like a polish consistency than thin like gel. For this colour I did 3 thin coats, you could probably get away with 2, but I prefer to do thin coats with gel. 

GellieBeans Blueberry Jam - Indoor Natural Light
In the shade and indoors Blueberry Jam leans toward navy blue, but in the sun it appears more royal with a jelly finish. As I've said before I really like the size of the brush on these polishes as it makes getting an even cuticle line really easy. No cleanup for me! I topped the 3 coats of colour with 2 thin coats of Gelish Top It Off gel top coat. This is the only topcoat I use and I really like it because I find it to be quite acetone resistant which means I can change up my stamping or nail art without damaging the gel.

GellieBeans Blueberry Jam - Sun
I had a bit of trouble capping the tips with this colour, it kept wanting to shrink back. So I flash cured every finger to make sure that I got even coverage. After the first coat was down it was pretty easy to do the second two. 

GellieBeans Blueberry Jam - Indoor Fluorescent Light
I really love how this colour looks on my skin tone. I'm quite tan and I think it goes together beautifully. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours and I love this one. I don't quite have another polish like this in my collection. It will be a great base for stamping as well. I'm trialling a new gel peel of basecoat that I purchased so I'll let you guys know how I go with that.

GellieBeans Blueberry Jam - Sun
What do you think of this colour? Have you thought about venturing into gel polishes yet?

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