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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Silver Chevron Stamping Over Navy Blue

Hello again!
3 posts in 1 day! Wow! After having my nails a lovely a navy blue for about a day I 'needed' to dress them up a bit and what better way to do that than by stamping?!

Silver Stamping Over Navy Blue
My base colour is GellieBeans Blueberry Jam which I posted about here. It's a lovely navy/royal blue depending on the light and works so well with both silver and gold! Since my last set of chevron stamping I've been dying to do another! I thought silver would go really well and I'm pretty pleased with the results!

Silver Stamping Over Navy Blue - Natural Light
For the stamping I used my new set of Born Pretty plates. BPL-06 has a bunch of 'traditional' designs including checks, stripes and tartan. I've been hankering for some perfect chevron nails that don't require vinyls or craft scissors. These turned out so well! The stamp is awesome and the polish probably helped too! I used Mundo de Unas Silver and my Ebay marshmallow stamper which I looove. It never fails me.

Silver Stamping Over Navy Blue - Fluorescent Light
On my ring and thumb nails I used the entire image. The size of the full nail images on this particular plate are quite big. There was another full chevron line than didn't make it onto my thumb nail, so that gives you an indication of the size. On my other nails I only wanted one chevron so I painted only a section of the image and removed what I didn't want with a lint roller. It worked really well!

Silver Stamping Over Navy Blue - Sun
Before stamping I laid down a coat of basecoat as it help the stamp stick to the gel and then I carefully painted over the images with topcoat. Only one nail smudged out of 10 so I'm pretty happy with that. I love how these turned out, especially the ring finger, it looks awesome! the only thing I would change about these is to make the chevron lines a bit thinner and not so bold

Silver Stamping Over Navy Blue - Natural Light
What do you think of chevrons? Still cool? 

Watch this space for more navy blue based nail art!

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