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Friday, 6 February 2015

Chevron Stamping With Negative Space

Hi guys,
Today's post is a quick one as it's relatively simple! This is a stamped mani over my current gel base and it gives a negative space look.

BPL-03 With MDU Cream 

If you've read ony of my previous few posts you would have seen that I recently got my hands on the set of 8 new Born Pretty Plates. They are awesome! They also fill a rather large gap I have in my stamping images as I didn't have any of the 'classic' images like lines, chevrons or checks. Well now I do! Plus a lot more. These plates are packed with full nail images of all sorts that I'm sure would appeal to pretty much everyone. I will be getting a lot of use out of these plates. The best part? They stamp really really well :)

For this mani I used BPL-03, which is actually the only plate I've used so far, it's sooooo good! The images on this one are quite large, which means even my thumb is completely covered. The image I chose for this mani is a diagonal double chevron design which looks pretty great over the light pink gel base. It gives it a negative space look which I haven't tried before! 

BPL-03 With MDU Cream - Indoor Natural Light
I stamped the image using my mini bottle of Mund de Unas Cream, which is actually a really pale yellow colour. I thought I was ordering Papyrus, but I must have made a mistake. It's a lovely colour though. The diagonal chevron design was easy to pick up and easy to stamp. Because of the way the image is orientated it's easier to get it looking 'straight' as the lines run diagonally and not straight across the nail, giving you a larger margin for error. That means you don't have to line it up perfectly to get it looking straight on the nail. 

BPL-03 With MDU Cream - Indoor Fluorescent Light
I did have to go through a bit of trial and error with the stamping. I ended up using my ebay XL soft and squishy marshmallow stamper as it picked up the best. The other stamper I tried out was my Vaga rectangular stamper that I bought off Amazon. I like it because of the shape but it wasn't doing as good a job with images this time around. I find my marshmallow stamper does better with MDU. I've also been using a base coat over my gel before I stamp as it makes the design last so much longer! I got through three 12 hour shifts at work without a chip, so I think that's pretty good! 

BPL-03 With MDU Cream - Indoor Natural Light
I will definitely be using this image again, but I foresee several colours being used makng a cool look! I just have to give it a go when have time :) Have you seen these Born Pretty plates before? What do you think of them?

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