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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Geometric Black Stamping on Purple

Hi guys!
I'm pretty excited to show you what I've got in today's post, I love how it turned out! I've been playing with my new plates again and I finally got my black MDU working. check it out!

BPL-03 Geometric Stamping over EdM Lace Man
I think this is the first time I'm showing the nail art I did over a certain mani before showing the polish itself. I will have post about this beautiful Emily de Molly in the future! The base of this mani is EdM's Lace Man which is part of their Anchor Man collection that came out late last year. 

EdM Lace Man - Indoor Fluorescent Light
It's a kind of grey/purple base leaning toward taupe, the colour actually changes a fair bit depending on the light but I'll cover that in another post. In this post I'll show you the nail art I did on top of this baby. As you know I've been pretty much religiously using my new Born Pretty plates. Actually, just one of my new plates, of the 8 in the collection I've only used one plate so far! This geometric image comes from BPL-03 and I love how it turned out! This stamping image would be perfect for leadlighting.

BPL-03 Geometric Stamping with MDU Black - Indoor Natural Light
For the stamping I used my Mundo de Unas black polish which I haven't ever gotten to work previously. I must have forgotten about my boycotting of this particular colour as I picked it up today without even thinking. And it worked flawlessly! I'm not sure what's changed but today it worked and rather well at that.

BPL-03 Geometric Stamping with MDU Black - Indoor Natural Light
The stamping is near perfect which is amazing and the image didn't smudge with top coat, even better! I used my Ebay XL marshmallow stamper to pick up the design and it worked really well. I didn't wait for the image to dry or anything, just dabbed the polish on, scrapped and then picked it up straight away. MDU black is really thick and spreads a lot when scrapped. It's a bit of pain to clean up as the pigment is really dark and moves around, but it picked up well and I use a lint roller to remove the excess of the stamper and my fingers.

BPL-03 Geometric Stamping with MDU Black - Indoor Natural Light
I'm pretty stoked with how this turned out, you might be able to tell! After stamping all 10 nails successfully (didn't have to redo any of them!) I top coated with Peita's Polish Quick, Gloss Me Up! I am a fan of this top coat. Dries relatively quickly, nice thickness to it and it's really glossy when dry. 

What do you think of this combo? Are you a fan of geometric images for nail art?

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