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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Essence Dalmation Effect Topper Mani Revamp

Hi guys,
How was everyone's Easter? The weather was awesome on the east coast and not too cold. I have another mani revamp post for you today. I was in Priceline last week and spied some new essence effect polishes, as well as their gel line. I picked up a textured jeans effect polish as well as this one here.

Essence Nail Art Dalmatians Topper
This polish is from the new nail art topper line that essence has put out and is called Black Dress White Tie, not 101 Dalmatians as the  bottle would suggest. It's full of white and black hex glitters of the same size along with very fine silver glitter/shimmer. The following picture shows one coat on each of the accent nails with a coat of Essence Gel Effect topcoat over this mani.

Essence Nail Art Dalmatians Topper
The polish was quite thick but had great glitter payoff. I had to do a bit of dabbing to get the were I wanted them but otherwise it's pretty good. This isn't the most original polish, I prefer the ones with the bar glitter as well like Hard Candy Black Tie and Dance Legends Geometric Topcoat.

The Essence Nail Art Topper 101 Dalmatians effect polish was $3.70 from Priceline, which is quite cheap. If you don't have a black and white glitter topper this could be good for your stash, otherwise the only thing differentiating it from others I own is the silver glitter. I think I will use this again, but probably not that frequently.

See you guys next time!

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