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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Nail Mail! Moyou London Plates + Polish Me Silly Thermals and Multichromes

Hi guys!
I have nail mail post for you today. I've been checking the post every day waiting for my Moyou London and Polish Me Silly orders and they finally arrived on Tuesday! Unfortunately I didn't think to buy an stampers when I ordered from Moyou, so those are coming in a couple of weeks :( But here's what I got!

Moyou London Plates and Polish Me Silly Polishes

Polish Me Silly
I'm very excited as these are my first thermal polishes and some totally awesome multichromes! I only ordered minis as I don't use my polishes that often and I have so many now it would be hard to use them up, plus thermals only have a shelf life of about 18 months so I opted for a smaller size and got multiples! Here are the polishes I got:
Polish Me Silly Thermals and Multichromes
The polishes are as follows from left to right: Sunkissed Sweetheart (orange to yellow thermal), Grape 2 Meet You (purple - pink - blue thermal), Toe-Tally Cosmic (green - purple multichrome), Love The Hue (purple-blue-green-copper multichrome). I can't wait to use these! I've got a post lined up for sunkissed sweetheart, it's awesome. These bottles are 9ml, which is very generous for a mini and will last quite a few manis.
Moyou London
I bought 3 stamping plates from Moyou London which I posted about here. And here's some photos of them in all their glory!

Fairytale Plate 10 - Peeling off the plastic 

Fairytale Plate 10

Mother Nature Plate 01

Sailor Plate 4
These are absolutely beautiful in real life, I cannot wait to use them. One thing I did notice though was that the standard nail image size is a bit short my current nail length (which is quite long, I haven't shortened them in over a month) and a bit narrow for my thumb. I may invest in some XL images next time. I did some practice stamps and these picked up perfectly, they are really great. I just need to wait for my XL stamper to arrive now! In the mean time I'll be doing some smaller image stamping.
If you have any questions about the companies or about the polishes and plates feel free to leave it in the comments.
See you guys next time!
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