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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Polish Me Silly Thermal - Grape 2 Meet You Review + Swatches

Hi guys,
today I have for you another thermal by Polish Me Silly, this one's called Grape 2 Meet You and it's a shimmery cornflower blue that changes to a grape purple when cold.

Polish Me Silly Grape 2 Meet You warm - Full sun

I bought this polish along with 3 others from Polish Me Silly's Etsy page and it's a new release from their Color Me Silly collection. From the pic above you can see I bought a mini bottle as thermals only have a shelf life of about 18 months before they stop changing colours.
As with the previous Polish Me Silly thermal I reviewed, the formula is good, a little sheer but a good consistency. I layered 2 coats over China Glaze Secret Periwinkle to use less of this precious polish and topped it off with a coat of Poshe.

Polish Me Silly Grape 2 Meet You warm - Full sun
From the pic you can see the warm shade is a nice bright cornflower blue with turquoise shimmer. It's absolutely gorgeous and I love this shade, if it stayed like this forever I'd still wear it. I had a hard time getting pictures of the cold colour, It was a lot warmer than when I wore the other thermal and the polish never really turned a grape purple on me. On the photos below you can see my middle and ring fingers are a but darker and more purpley, but not as dark as the bottle colour.
Polish Me Silly Grape 2 Meet You - Full sun

Polish Me Silly Grape 2 Meet You - Shade
I was a bit disappointed with this polish because I was expecting a tri-colour thermal, like the pictures on their facebook page. It's suppose to transition from blue, to pink then to purple, but I never saw the pink and barely saw the purple. Also, there were many more clumps of the magenta pigment in this polish and it caused streaking on several of my fingers on my left hand. I did try mixing it well but it didn't totally get rid of it. There was also some very small clumps of pink that I could see on the nails when I looked closely. The following picture shows the nails at the coldest they got for me.
Polish Me Silly Grape 2 Meet You cold - Shade
I also took a bottle shot in the sun so that you can see the beautiful blue shimmer, it's really awesome and makes this polish something special.

Polish Me Silly Grape 2 Meet You - Full sun
All in all I really like this polish, the warm shade especially. However it is a bit sheer and could benefit from some undies and the colour change wasn't as noticeable as the promo pics. My bottle had some pigment clumps but this could be a one off.

Hope you enjoyed the post, I have a few more lined up but I've been so busy with assignments it's hard to find the time!

See you next time

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