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Friday, 11 April 2014

Mani Revamp: Sunkissed Sweetheart + Stamping

Hi guys,
Two posts in one day? I've been pretty busy this week so the weekend is the first time I've been able to attend to my blog! I have a man revamp post, whilst I still had the orange/yellow thermal from Polish Me Silly still on I wanted to decorate it. 

Sunkissed Sweetheart + Zoya Kimber - Sun
Whilst I still had this thermal polish on, I wanted to stamp over it. I received some new Moyou London plates the other day but I don't yet have an XL stamper and none of the images were really what I was looking for. I have some plates from Salon Express that I bought at Target a couple of year ago and I hardly ever us it, but I really wanted to stamp with it and there's this kind of sunburst/flower design that I like.

I wanted to use a colour in the same palette as the yellow and orange of this thermal polish. I went looking through my collection for an orange or pink that was opaque and settled on Zoya Kimber which you can see swatched here. Kimber worked very nicely for stamping and gave the effect I wanted. I stamped two of these sun/flower designs on each nail but only used part of the design, it reminds me of a paisley print and I quite like it.

Sunkissed Sweetheart + Zoya Kimber
I didn't manage to capture a picture of my nails in the yellow thermal state, but the print stood out even more due to the colour contrast. What do you think of this design? 

See you guys next time!

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