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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Essence Roller Coaster Review + Swatches

Hi guys,
I think I mentioned the other day that I bought a couple of Essence polishes after seeing some new ones in the display at Priceline. My target has the worst selection and I swear it only gets updated every 6 months so I usually don't purchase much from this brand, but Priceline had all new ones that I hadn't seen before and a couple I may yet go back for. I bought the colour Roller Coaster because it caught my eye and isn't it beautiful!
Essence Roller Coaster - Full Sun
This polish is a nice saturated crème jade green with a hint of shimmer. The new Essence bottles (maybe not so new to you depending on where you live), have a lovely hourglass shape with a wide brush. The cap on the bottle clicks when it's closed properly which is comforting and the matching cap colour makes it easy to find the colour your after.
Essence Roller Coaster - Shade
 The colour of the polish is quite a bit darker in the shade, but it's still lovely. The formula on this polish was sooooo good, perfect consistency for a crème. It was so close to being a one coater, and if you're in a rush it could work for you, but 2 coats makes this perfect. I added a caot of Essence Gel Look topcoat and 1 coat of Poshe for some extra shine and to thicken up my nails a bit. The brush of the new Essence polishes is amazing, perfect size to get a nice line around the cuticle without needing too much clean up. It's narrower than the OPI brush which I find to be a bit too wide for my nail beds.  
Essence Roller Coaster - Shade
 This polish also has a hint of green shimmer in it, but it's only visible in the sun and is quite shy. It gives the polish something different though and I like crèmes with a bit of shimmer to jazz it up a bit. You can see the shimmer in the photos below, especially in the bottle shot.

Essence Roller Coaster - Full Sun
Essence Roller Coaster - Indoors with flash

I really like this polish, the colour is amazing, the formula is awesome and the price can't be beat, I think these are around the $2.50 mark? So cheap for such a good polish! now you're probably like, "Oh yeah, and I bet it chips off the very next day." Well no actually, I went rock climbing the very next day and guess what? No chips, at all, not even tip wear. Sure my nails got scratched and the surface was not as shiny but the polish stayed put. Want evidence? Check out these pics.
Essence Roller Coaster - No chips!
Essence Roller Coaster - No chips!
 If you look at the index and middle finger closely you can see the scratches, but other than that the polish was fine. Very impressed! If this colour tickles your fancy I'd definitely recommend getting it, I have nothing like this in my collection and it's pretty awesome. You can even stamp with it, but that's for the next post ;)
See you guys next time!
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