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Friday, 11 April 2014

Polish Me Silly Thermal - Sunkissed Swetheart

Hi guys!
Today I have one of my new Polish Me Silly polishes. It's a thermal, my first one! and it's called Sunkissed Sweetheart and shifts between orange and yellow depending on the temperature of your nails, pretty awesome huh?

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart
Thermals are notoriously sheer, from what I read on the internet anyway, so I used a basecolour similar to the thermal colour so I wouldn't have to use as much of it. I should mention that I bought a mini size of this polish (9ml) as thermals only have a shelf life of bout 18 months and I have so much polish I probably won't be able to get through this bottle before it stops changing colours.

Anyhow, I layered 2 coats of Sunkissed Sweetheart over 1 coat of China Glaze Peachy Keen, which is a peach colour. This is what it looked like when I first put it on, a bright orange. Orange is the 'cold' colour.

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart - Sunlight
Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart - Shade
It has a nice strong magenta to gold shimmer in both lights, however the shimmer colours will be more or less visible depending on the polish colour. The magenta was more visible when the nails were orange.When the nails warmed up a bit they would turn to a yellow which gets brighter depending on how warm they are.

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart - Shade
Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart - Shade
My nails are still a bit cold in these photos are you can see it's quite an orangey yellow. In warm water they turn a bright sunny yellow. The gold shimmer is much more apparent when the polish is yellow.The thing I like most about these thermal polishes is how the colour changes throughout the day depending on what you're doing. for example I got this effect when typing away at the computer:

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart
When riding my bike they got water drops on them and the parts where the water landed turned orange whilst the rest of my nail was yellow. When drinking coffee the tips turned yellow and the nail bed was orange, that was kind of strange, like the opposite of what it usually would be. The wear time on this was great, it lasted 4 days without chipping and hardly any tip wear. Pretty good!

Now onto the formula. this spread really nicely, it was a little sheer (would require 3 coats for full opacity) but the formula was good, not too runny and not goopy. The only downside was that both my bottles of thermal had clumps of pigment that were not properly mixed in, they are visible through the bottle but I shook it for a while and most of it was mixed in. I didn't get any clumps on my nail with this polish, but as it's an indie brand, you can't expect that they're using high tech blending equipment, a lot of indies mix by hand. The bottle was a good size for a mini and comes with a steel ball in it. The brush was very nice, fluffy for a mini brush so it held quite a bit of product and the bristles were quite flexible. All in all, I love the product and the packaging, it's functional and well made.

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart 9ml Bottle
You can buy these polishes from the Polish Me Silly etsy shop here. I think the mini bottles are around $7, depending on the type of polish. Obviously if the pigmets are more expensive they will cost more as is the case with thermals and multichromes. For anyone who's interested thermal polishes use leuco dyes which change their chemical structure depending on the temperature. This causes the light to be reflected differently, therefore changing the colour of the polish. These dyes are also used in inks and t-shirts and even baby bottles to signify when the temperature is safe. As with all compounds that change their properties depending on their surroundings, they have a shorter shelf life and do better when kept away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Here's a couple more photos of the polish just for fun!

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart - Shade

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart - Shade 

Polish Me Silly Sunkissed Sweetheart - Sun
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions about this polish let me know in the comments.

See you next time!

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