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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Essence Roller Coaster Mani Revamp with Moyou London Stamping

Hi guys,
Sorry it's taking me so long to get these posts out, I'm so busy! But here's a revamp of my Essence Roller Coaster mani. This polish was beautiful, but after rock climbing and scratching it up a bit I wanted to cover it with some nice stamping. This also gave me a chance to use my new Moyou London plates!
Moyou London Stamping with Ulta3 Gold Rush
 For this stamping I used Mother Nature plate 05. I used the tree on the right hand side coming out of the vase.
Moyou London Mother Nature Collection 05 source.
I stamped with Ulta3 Gold Rush which I picked up a Target on clearance for $1. This polish actually stamps really well, I got a nice crisp design. I stamped increasing larges parts of the tree from pinkie to thumb. On my ring fingers I repainted using Ulta3 Gold Rush as the base colour and then restamped with Essence Roller Coaster which is also a good stamping polish if you're in need of a green. I topped it all off with Essence Gel Look topcoat.

Stamping with Ulta3 Gold Rush + Moyou London
 The following photos are taken in the sun, but I forgot to crop them, so sorry about the background.
Stamping with Ulta3 Gold Rush + Moyou London
Stamping with Ulta3 Gold Rush + Moyou London

I think this stamping worked out really well, the design is cool and remind me of eucalyptus trees for some reason. I love the Moyou London plates, they are etched really well and make stamping a lot easier. I just need to get myself a bigger stamper as my current one is not large or soft enough for me to do full nail designs.
Stay tuned for more Moyou London stamping posts. I love these plates :)
If you have any questions about the stamping or an opinion I'd love to hear them!
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