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Monday, 16 June 2014

Femme Fatale Mercury Rain Review - My First Indie Glitter Bomb!

Hi guys!
How was your weekend? I'm currently in exams and blogging/nails stuff is really an excellent form of procrastination, don't you think? After posting about OPI What's a Little Rain Forest?, one of the new liquid sand polishes from the Brazil collection, I decided that I would layer one of my newer acquisitions over it. I present Femme Fatale's Mercury Rain.

Femme Fatale Mercury Rain Over OPI What's a Little Rain Forest?
Femme Fatale Mercury Rain is my polish of this Aussie indie brand and I bought it from Femme Fatale Cosmetics during a 25% off sale for around $9. Mercury rain is also my first glitter bomb and boy is it chock full of the stuff. What attracted me to this polish was the circle glitter, that's right, circle, not hex. The circle glitter is present in several sizes, large ~4mm glitters and smaller ~2mm glitters. Both are holographic, meaning they form rainbows in the light, this is especially cool with the large circles. There are also black hexes and silver hexes in all different sizes, right down to micro glitter size. It's a nice polish.

Femme Fatale Mercury Rain bottle Shot - Sun
 In the closeup bottle shot pic you can see all the different glitter types and how densely packed they are in the bottle. I've never used a glitter like this, so excuse the execution. I started off with a small drop of polish on the nail and painted it on, moving the glitters around a bit as I did so. You get very nice pay off with one coat and that's all I used as I didn't want the glitter to take over. Unfortunately I had to fish for the large circle glitters as I didn't get any on the brush, but these were easy enough to pull out. There's quite a lot of them in there, they're just a bit heavy to stick to the brush without help.

Femme Fatale Mercury Rain + OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Sun
I only used Mercury Rain as an accent as I didn't want to cover up all the texture of What's a Little Rain Forest. I added small studs to the other fingers to tie in the glitter topper. By layering Mercury Rain over a textured polish I figured I'd be saving on topcoat as it would cover up the texture a bit. I'm not sure that's the case as I ended up using about 3 to 4 coats of topcoat on my accent nails and they're still not glassy smooth, I may need to invest in some Gelous or Glitter Food, anyone know where you can get this is Australia?

Femme Fatale Mercury Rain + OPI What's a Little Rain Forest?
The glitters are a little denser on my thumb, but because my thumb is less curved than my ring finger the large circle glitter didn't stick up as much and the top coat issue was less of an . . . issue. I'm quite a fan of this mani, I don't tend to go out of my way to put things on my nails that I don't like, but I think this was a good way to use Mercury Rain as I'm not use to so much glitter.

Femme Fatale Mercury Rain + OPI What's a Little Rain Forest?- Shade
Femme Fatale Mercury Rain + OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Shade
 You can see the beginnings of a rainbow on the large circle glitter in these photos, it's pretty awesome when it catches the light, very hard to photograph though.

Femme Fatale Mercury Rain + OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Sun
This mani has lasted a while without showing much sign of wear, that's liquid sand polishes I guess. I put a PVA basecoat on to hopefully counteract what I am sure would be a long and painful removal process. Unfortunately my nail polish is showing no signs of lifting so I'm not sure what to do about that. I'm very impressed with the wear time though and that's with doing the dishes every night without gloves and washing my hair. Impressive.

So what do you think of glitter bombs? Are they your thing? How do you tame the bumpyness?

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