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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps in Ruby Honeycomb Review

Hi guys,
Another nail post for you today, however this time I'm featuring some nail wraps! I present Scratch Nail Wraps in Ruby Honeycomb.

Scratch Nail Wraps in Ruby Honeycomb + Sally Hansen Red Zin
I am the proud owner of three sets of Scratch Nail Wraps. My lovely boyfriend purchased these from the Scratch website in May last year. Scratch Nail Wraps come with 16 individual wraps, enough for a full manicure. There are 8 different wrap sizes in the packet so you are sure to find a fit for your nails and they can always be cut down if they're too big. Because I like to do accent nails, I have not yet finished my packet, or even come half way. This is the third time I've used this particular design and I still love them :)  

Scratch Nail Wraps in Ruby Honeycomb + Sally Hansen Red Zin - Shade
Scratch Nail Wraps are made from nail polish and can be removed with normal nail polish remover or acetone. These wraps are quite pliable and and can be maneuvered to cover your nail quite easily. The free edge can be filed off or cut and then used to wrap your nail edges (this is my preferred approach). These are the only wraps I've used, so I can't compare these to other brands, but from what I've read on other blogs, they are some of the best on the market. No heat is required to use them, no special tools and they sit flush. 

Scratch Nail Wraps in Ruby Honeycomb + Sally Hansen Red Zin - Sun
Obviously I didn't use the wraps on all my fingers, I tried to match a polish colour too it and this is the result. I think the best match would be China Glaze Brownstone, but I don't have that and had to settle for Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 610 Red Zin. I prepped all nails in the same way, I used a layer basecoat or two (I'm worried Red Zin may stain) and then placed the wraps. I'm sneaky and used one wrap for two nails. I placed the wrap down on my first nail and then broke the free edge away, Because my wraps have been open for a year they are quite a bit more brittle than when I first used them, however they still work and are still flexible, so I will continue using them, it just requires a bit more care. Once the excess wrap is removed, I rounded the edge with scissors and applied it to the same nail on my other hand, ta da! Economising. My index picture in the photo is actually sporting a recycled wrap :)

Scratch Nail Wraps in Ruby Honeycomb + Sally Hansen Red Zin - Shade
To finish this mani off I added topcoat (not a quick dry) to my wrapped nails. I added studs to my other nails, these big chunky hexagon things that I never thought I'd be able to use. I then used a nice thick layer of Poshé to seal in the studded nails. Although the colour match isn't perfect, it looks fairly good and I'm quite happy with it. Red Zin dries darker on the nails than in the bottle, so keep that in mind when/if you use it. 

Scratch Nail Wraps in Ruby Honeycomb + Sally Hansen Red Zin - Sun
Although this mani could e accomplished with stamping, I like the wraps because it's perfect, the colour won't bleed, it's quick and essentially dry on your nails after you apply them. The wraps are $12 a pack on the Scratch website and they have monthly additions using artists to create the designs. If you spot a design you like you might want to get in quick as once they're gone, they're gone forever. These Ruby Honeycomb ones are still there though. Scratch also does a monthly mani box for $30 (+$8 shipping if you don't live in the US) which comes with 3 limited editions packs designed by that months artist as well as some nail art accessories or tools like polish, studs and/ore brushes. I'm tempted to get this, but it takes me ages to use these up as I only do accents with them. Plus I'd have to really like the box, the designs I have are hard to beat!

So what do you think of these wraps? Cool idea or just a fad?

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  1. I've never used nail wraps but these look really nice, and I think you matched the polish pretty well too considering just how many varieties of red there are out there ;)

  2. Thank you! You wouldn't believe the number of reds I looked at to try and get one close.