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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Emily de Molly Bo Peep and OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You Swatches + Review

Hi guys,
Today I will be presenting two polishes I used for this mani. They are both new acquisitions from my long weekend haul (which prompted a buying ban :(  ). I present to you my first ever Emily de Molly, Bo Peep and another OPI Beach Sandie, this one is called I'm Brazil Nuts Over You.

EdM Bo Peep and OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You
I picked up EdM Bo Peep from Femme Fatale Cosmetics during their 25% off sale. Emily de Molly is an Aussie indie polish brand and therefore a bit cheaper than the other indies I have (besides Femme Fatale). I think this cost me $9, it's beautiful. I got this as a bit of a lemming killer for Monet's Garden which is no longer sold. It's a aqua/mint crelly base with lots of glitter in it. It's beautiful and soft looking and the glitter colours really compliment the base. 

EdM Bo Peep and OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You - Shade
From the pic you can see that I used Bo Peep on most fingers and then chose to use OPI's I'm Brazil Nuts Over You as an accent nail. That is one beautiful liquid sand polish, a bright coral texture with magenta glitter running through it. It literally looks like sprinkled sugar, it has such a lovely sparkly texture. The base colour is amazing and I may need to find a creme polish this colour. This is similar to Zoya Kimber, but more red. I love the redness to it. It's like pink, orange and red all mixed together. To try and tie the accent nail into the rest of the nails I added one of the lemon yellow glitters from Bo Peep. 

EdM Bo Peep and OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You - Shade
I think the coral texture matches the coral glitter quite well, but apparently some people, *cough* *boyfriend* *cough* *cough*, don't think it matches. Well who cares, I like it :)

EdM Bo Peep
From the close up of Bo Peep you can see that there is a lot of matte lemon yellow circle glitter, matte coral hex glitter and smaller purple circle glitters and other smaller glitters. They do sink a bit, but it's not the worst polish I have for that. I used 2 rather thick coats to get what you see in the picture. This polish can be a bit difficult to manage due to trying to spread the base evenly and then having to try to place glitter at the same time. The larger glitter needs some placement if you don't want them bunched around the bottom the nail. I covered with 1 coat of Poshé and another thick coat of Essence Gel Look Top coat (which is getting thick and a bit stringy).
EdM Bo Peep and OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You - Sun
I used 2 coats of I'm Brazil Nuts Over You and it covered very nicely. The sun finally came out so here;s a sunshine picture, you can see the sparkles of the coral texture. What I love about liquid sand polishes is tat they dry fast and you don't need a top coat! The Beach Sandies set is particularly awesome. 

EdM Bo Peep and OPI I'm Brazil Nuts Over You - Sun
What do you think of this polish combination or of each of these polishes separately? Bo Peep is probably going to be a massive pain to remove, I didn't have time to use a PVA base, but we'll see.

See you guys next time!

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