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Monday, 2 June 2014

Zoya Tru + Stamping with Moyou London Suki Plate

Hi guys,
I've got a mani revamp post for you today. After my Zoya Tru manicure here, I wanted to stamp over it using my new Moyou London Suki plate. This mani is inspired by/copied off LoveVarnish I think. I used Zoya Carly as the stamping polish.

So this mani started off with me stamping the 'clouds' pattern off Suki plate 08.


It reminds me of playing Majong, a chinese game that uses tiles, sort of like rummy. Back to the nails . . .
So I stamped with Zoya Carly, as I've mentioned already pretty much all the polishes from the 2012 surf collection stamp well, except maybe Kimber which should only be used on light colours. The result was very subtle, pretty much impossible to see indoors, requires some good natural light. Here it is.

Zoya Try stamped with Carly, using Moyou London - Full sun
Using Zoya Lotus would have been better as the colours are more contrasting, but this works alright. After sporting this for a day, I wondered what it would look like if it was mattified, so I pulled out Essie's Matte About You and came up with this;

Zoya Try stamped with Carly, using Moyou London - Shade + Flash
 The matte version is pretty cool, the shimmer shows up quite well. I love matte glitter, shimmer and flakies, they take on a new life. the pattern is also more visible with the matte topcoat. I bought Essie's Matte About You whilst in Canada last year, but you can get Essie at Pricelines, I think they're around $17 a pop though.

Zoya Try stamped with Carly, using Moyou London - Flash
Here you can see the pattern really well, yest it does have gaps, my BF thought that was a bit strange. Also, my matte topcoat is depositing little white spots on my nails, not so cool. It essentially ruined the left hand and I'm not sure there's a cure for this. So you may want to keep that in mind if you are thinking of getting a bottle for yourself.

What do you think of this mani?

See you next time!

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