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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sally Hansen Vivid + Matte + Gold Moyou Stamping

Hi guys,
I have an interesting post for you today. You may have noticed last post that I took my one and only matte topcoat (Essie's Matte About You) out of hibernation and that was the key to choosing this mani. I wanted something that would *hopefully* look awesome mattified, so I chose a shimmery polish, I also wanted a darkish red colour, so here I present to you Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in the shade vivid.

Sally Hansen Vivid + Matte + Gold Moyou Stamping

 To start of this mani I used 2 coats of SH Vivid and then topped it off with 1 coat of Poshé. this polish may be difficult to find, it's quite an old one, circa 2008 I think. I picked mine up from Cosmetics Plus last year, they always have a bin with 3 for $10 deals or something similar. I was really into the vampy colours at that point, because the other SHs I picked up were a green and purple version of this.

SH Vivid - Outdoors + Flash
The formula on this is interesting, it's very thin and kind of runny. You need to give the bottle a good shake before using it, as the pigment tends to settle. Also, when dipping your brush back into the bottle to grab more polish, make sure you put it in deep, otherwise you get base colour without much sparklies. It's interesting. two coats is needed, although the consistency of the lacquer means the thickness of your coats can really be whatever you want it to be, super thin or really thick, both work.

SH Vivid - Outdoors + Flash
 Unfortunately, the day i took the photos it was really overcast, so I resorted to using the flash to bring the colour out. I thought this polish was going to be much darker than it is, but Scrangie also has a swatch of this and it's the same, so I think the photos are pretty colour accurate. I mattified it pretty much straight away so I can't tell you how it changes in different lighting. The next picture shows the difference between the matte nails and the shiny nails.

SH Vivid with Essie Matte About You - Outdoors + Flash
 A complaint I'd just like to vent, although I love the finish of the matte polish, the presence of little white flecks is bugging the hell out of me. You can't really see them too well in the photos because I painted over the main offenders on my index and ring finger, but there's a tiny little one on my middle finger. I think I've worked out the issue though, don't paint over the same area too many times. Anyhow, I think this polish looks marvelous matte, I love how the shimmer comes through in the light, it makes it look like a suede finish or something. So lovely. Then stamped on top of the matte :)

Moyou London + Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever - Outside Overcast
 I stamped using the script writing on Moyou London Pro XL Plate 07 and the feathers come from Greek Mythology Plate 09. I really love this combo, when I showed my BF he said that it looked like quills and writing which is exactly what I was going for. So if he can see it and understand it, my job is done :P

I stamped using Ulta3 gold Rush Fever which is just a metallic gold polish, it's the cheapest brand we have here is Australia and retails for around $2.50 a bottle I think? I picked mine up for $1 on sale at target though, so score! When stamping, I used the rolling motion so as not to stretch the image, I've found that to be problem with the squishy stampers, the image can be easily distorted, but rolling it lightly on the nail avoids that!

Moyou London + Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever - Full Sun
 The sun finally came out this morning so i managed to get a few pics, yay! I'm wondering when I'll want to take this off, I love it to bits at the moment. I think I may add topcoat at some point to make it shiny and see how it looks that way. 
Oh that's what I meant to say. why did I mattify it straight away? Well I find that adding a matte topcoat to a dry mani tends to peel up the edges and then it gets caught on my hair etc, it's also less pretty and bugs the hell out of me, so I mattified it straight up before my nails were totally dry.

Moyou London + Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever - Full Sun
 What do you think of this combo? I'm loving the matte thing at the moment, not sure why. There may be a few more of these to come!

See you next time!

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