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Saturday, 14 June 2014

OPI Brazil Beach Sandie What's a Little Rain Forest? (Blue) + Brush Size Comparison

Hi guys!
For today's post I have one of the polishes from OPI's Brazil Beach Sandies collection, What's a Little Rain Forest?, which is the blue of the collection. These polishes are only available in a mini set of 4, they all have the OPI liquid sand finish and are all super bright colours!
OPI What's a Little Rain Forest?
To start off with, this polish is a bright blue, not an aqua, not a turquoise, just . . . blue. Nice description huh? The base has a pearlescent kind of finish (it's more obvious in the bottle) and there are bright blue micro glitters scattered throughout.

OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Full Sun
All of these photos show two coats of What's a Little Rain Forest? over a PVA base and normal basecoat and no topcoat! The coats were fairly easy to apply, the formula is smooth, you just need to make sure that you have enough polish on the brush to start with. After the first coat it looks very patchy and sheer, but the second coat evens it out quite nicely. 

OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Shade
Even in the shade this polish is bright blue, the colour is so saturated and the pictures are pretty much spot on with how this looks. The following photo shows the texture a bit better. This set of liquid sand polishes has a nice emery board feel, like fine sand paper, the same as What Wizardry is This? from the Wizard of Oz collection. Much smoother than the original Mariah Carey liquid sands, they are quite coarse in comparison.If you don't like the textured feel 2 coats of top coat would smooth this out.

OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Sun
There is a tiny bit of VNL left on the nails after two coats, but nothing I can't live with. If you are not a fan of this, I would recommend three coats to make it totally opaque. Because of the size of these little bottles I didn't want to waste too much polish. Which reminds me, I have some bottle/brush comparison shots. A lot of people complain about the size of the minis and how tiny the brush is. well yes, the bottles are small, here's a shot of the mini compared to a full size OPI: 

Regular OPI vs Mini bottle
The minis are 1/4 of the size of the regular bottles, not too shaby considering you get the equivalent of a full bottle in each 4 pack, which is nearly the same price in Australia as a full size. I like the value of getting more colours for the same money. I've never finished a full size bottle of polish. Actually, I've never finished a mini either and I have about 30 of them. Maye that's the problem, too many minis. Tongue twister! Moving on . . . the complaints about brush size. Obviously the mini brush is not going to be anywhere near as big as the OPI Pro Wide, which is actually not my favourite as it's too big. But, the brush on these mini bottles are actually bigger than Zoya, Orly and China Glaze polishes. Zoya has the widest brush of the three brands, not by much but still. So check out the difference between the OPI mini and the Zoya in this photo:

Top: Zoya Brush      Bottom: OPI Mini Brush
The mini OPI is a bit bigger with longer bristles than the Zoya, it just has a shorter handle. 

OPI Mini Compared to Zoya
The brush in the OPI mini is perfectly capable of painting your nails, it just takes a bit of practice to make it work. You really need to load the brush to get the most out of it. I think you could get at least 4 manis out of the mini bottles with 2 coats on each nail (depending on your nail length of course).

All in all, I love the mini OPIs because they give you a chance to try multiple colours out before committing to a big bottle (which you can't do for these Beach Sandies as they're exclusively available as a mini set :(  ). I love the formula on What's a Little Rain Forest? and I can handle the brush and mini bottle size, although it does make pictures awkward! Here's a few parting photos of this lovely colour!

OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Full Sun

OPI What's a Little Rain Forest? - Shade
What do you think of these new liquid sand polishes? Are you a fan of the finish or the little bottles?

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  1. I hate OPI minis (ok all minis) because they're so hard to hold and loading up the brush enough is a pain. I wish this color came in a full size, I really love the color.

  2. Apparently they're not looking to bring it out in the big size :(
    Maybe if they're popular enough they will? I really like how bright these are, so summery.
    The brush on the beach sandies is actually bigger than the normal mini brushes so it's easier to use.