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Monday, 30 June 2014

OPI Sheer Tints + CG Fairy Dust + Moyou Stamping = Mani Revamp!

Hi guys,
I have a mani revamp post for you today! After posting my OPI Sheer Tints review, I wanted to further embellish my nails, so I decided on some fairy dust and stamping :D

OPI Sheer Tints + CG Fairy Dust + Moyou Stamping
 After sporting my Sheer Tints watercolour mani for a couple of days I felt I needed to add some sparkle to it. on one of the facebook polish groups I'm part of, China Glaze Fairy dust gets brought up regularly, so I pulled out my bottle form the stash. I've only used this once I think, and since getting a linear holo top coat, this has fallen by the wayside. Fairy Dust contains rather large holographic particles in a thick polish base to create a scattered holo top coat. It will literally make your nails look they have been sprinkled with fairy dust.

OPI Sheer Tints + CG Fairy Dust - Sun
It might be hard to see in the pic (because holo polishes are an absolute pain to photograph!) but the particles change colours under sunlight and some indoor lighting. If they're not rainbow they just look like silver sparkles. The formula on Fairy Dust is the strangest of my collection. For one, it smells like glue, for two it's extremely thick and kinda goopy. However it does self level and the particles are perfectly distributed on the nail with enough density that you only need one coat. It does take a little while to dry and you'll know it getting there when you can start to feel the particle grittiness on the nail. Because as this topcoat dries, it settles down and the particles become more like a glitter, requiring another topcoat to make them smooth.

OPI Sheer Tints + CG Fairy Dust - Sun
In this photo you can see the more silvery appearance of the Fairy Dust. After having my nails like this for less than a day I was in need of some stamping! So I broke out my Moyou Sailor Plate 04 and picked the swirly design on the middle right which was perfect for what I wanted

Moyou London Sailor Plate 04 - Source
I stamped using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On, which isn't as opaque as I would have liked, but did the job. Because these are standard images and my nails are quite long, I did have to work a bit to get them to fit. I have an XL squishy stamper so I stretched the images on the stamping head a bit and it worked out really well.
OPI Sheer Tints + CG Fairy Dust + Moyou Stamping - Late Sun
 I floated top coat onto the design and the result was pretty great, no smudging! I really loved this mani and kept it on a few extra days because it was so awesome :)  I love how the swirls come from the sides of the nails and make it look like the colours are breaking out with swirls. I got a few compliments with this too, which was nice. The Fairy Dust was still very visible, just not in these photos.

OPI Sheer Tints + CG Fairy Dust + Moyou Stamping - Late Sun
My thumb was the hardest part of the mani to get right and I'm still not entirely happy with it. But it's better than nothing! I'm really torn between getting XL images and sticking with the normal size. My thumb will never be awesome with standard images, but I lose so much of the design with the XL stamps. I don't know. Advice?

What do you think of CG's Fairy Dust and this mani in general? I love how spring like this is and the fact that we're in the middle of winter makes me smile :D

See you guys next time!

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