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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Polish Me Silly Multichrome - Toe-Tally cosmic Review + Swatches

Hi guys,
I forgot I had this post in the archives and although it's been about 3 weeks since i wore this, the polish is so amazing that I have to show it! This is one of the multi-chromes I bought from polish Me Silly before Easter and it's called Toe-Tally Cosmic. the colour range on this thing is awesome! This post will be quite picture heavy as I tried to catch all of the shades this polish produces. Here we go . . .

Toe-Tally Cosmic - Underwater Shade

 This manicure is two coats of Toe-Tally Cosmic over black with a coat of Poshé. Multichromes always show up better over black, but the number of colours this one goes through is amazing! I mean check out the underwater photo above, green, blue, purple, pink - so awesome! The following photos are all at different angles to try and capture the shade range.

Toe-Tally Cosmic - Full sun
Light blue

Toe-Tally Cosmic - Full Sun
Blue and green
Toe-Tally Cosmic -Full Sun
Mauvey green, the colour this polish is under normal light most of the time.
Toe-Tally Cosmic - Full sun
Emerald green
Toe-Tally Cosmic -Full Sun
Royal blue with purple and green at the extremities.
Toe-Tally Cosmic -Full Sun
And another underwater shot, the index finger shows all the colours.

Toe-Tally Cosmic -Underwater
Under normal lights, indoors, this polish has a kind of mauve green colour when faced exactly parallel to your face. Once the angle changes and the light refracts differently, all manner of colours come out. The photo below is how this polish looks straight on.

Toe-Tally Cosmic - Indoors Under Light
here's a shot of when the angle changes just slightly. See the colour change?

Toe-Tally Cosmic - Indoors Under Light
From the bottle you can see that it's a mini, but they're 9ml I think and there's plenty there for a couple of manicures at least, I don't think I made much of a dent in the bottle.The formula on this outstanding. It flows very nicely and doesn't leave brushstrokes.I really like this polish. The only downside is that it chips fairly easily. considering I usually wear my polish for about 4 days, chipping after 2 is not so good. But that's multichromes for you.

What do you think of this?

See you next time!

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