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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Zoya Storm Review + Swatches

Hi guys!
I'm on a nail kick lately and really want to try some new designs, so after a couple of day with my bird design I decided to change it up. I had a mani in mind and I though Zoya Storm would do well as the base, so here she is.
Zoya Storm - Sunlight
Zoya Storm is from Zoya's 2012  Holidau Collection, I think that means it's a winter collection. I picked this polish up at the start of the year during a sale on the Zoya website. I think they were $8 each at the time, I also got Logan and Blaze, which I reviewed here. Storm is the sister to Blaze in terms of the jelly like finish and holo particles. The holo is very scattered but the particles are quite big and give off a nice rainbow in the sun and under some indoor lights. You see the holo in this blurry photo;

Zoya Storm - Sunlight
I used two coats of storm over my basecoat and then topped it off with a coat of Poshe. The only issue I had with Storm is that it pulled back at the tips a bit, so wrapping the tips is a must with this one, or so I found. After two coats Storm is nicely opaque, But I'd recommend a thick first coat to get it going.
Zoya Storm - Shade
Because of the jelly finish the holo is very visible, however I found the polish not to be totally smooth, even after a coat of Poshe, but  don't mind that too much, I knew I'd be stamping on it anyway.
Zoya Storm - Weak Sunlight
As a black polish it's quite good as it's not too goth. The holo breaks it up and gives it a nice 'starry night' look. Take a look at my next post to see what I added to it!
Zoya Storm - Weak Sunlight
If you don't have a black holo polish, I definitely recommend this, the formula is good, the opacity is great and the jelly finish really lets the holo particles shine. I highly recommend it and the 5 free formula makes it even better. Pity it's quite hard to get a hold of in Australia unless you go through, but hteir service is great and they have specials all the time. They ship really fast too!
See for my next post, stamping!
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