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Monday, 19 May 2014

Mani Revamp! OPI Barre My Soul + Moyou Stamping

Hi guys!
I *finally* got my XL stamper in the mail after it was sent to Russia by mistake. I have no idea, don't ask, all I know is that instead of putting Australia on the parcel, they put Russian Federation. Not even the same name. I'll leave the XL stamper review to another day, but I can tell you right now that it works a treat. Using my Moyou Fairytale Plate 10 I came up with this;

OPI Barre My Soul + Moyou Stamping

This look is very subtle, but I didn't want to take my polish off straight away. The base is OPI Barre My Soul, reviewed here, stamped with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. This is my only white polish, so I don't have much choice there, but I think it stamped quite well. I used the design circled below.

Moyou London Fairytale Plate 10 - Source
I didn't realise it had love hearts in it when I first started stamping. You can see from the pictures that the stamping came out quite well. It was difficult because the stamper head is white and I couldn't see the polish when I picked it up, so I kind of had to guess where it was. There's definitely a technique when it comes to stamping, especially timing, but the XL head makes it so much easier! I put a coat of top coat on top to seal it all and voila!

OPI Barre My Soul + Moyou Stamping
OPI Barre My Soul + Moyou Stamping
 What do you think of my first full nail stamping effort? I quite like how it came out. I love the Moyou plates and the XL stamper definitely the way to go, it picks up the images flawlessly, doesn't leave little gaps. You just need to clean the stamper between nails. I'll have more stamping for you soon!

See you next time!

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