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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Zoya Frida + Moyou Sailor Stamping = Manicure Revamp!

Hi guys,
I have a mani revamp post today using some Moyou London plates for stamping and a new Zoya; Friday from the gloss collection. I've been wanting to do this ever since I got this plate and saw this post by More Nail Polish.
Zoya Zuza + Frida + Inglot Flakies + Moyou Sailor Plate 4

With my Zoya Zuza mani as a base, I added a coat of blue Inglot flakies and a coat of Zoya Frida from the gloss collection. Can I just say this is what I expected Zuza to look like from the get go? Bright, saturated turquoise, much nicer than the kind of flat silvery blue. Frida was pretty cool to work with too, it's a but syrupy and packs a lot of colour in a thin coat but is still transparent. I really like this as a layering polish. I got it from when they had a special for something . . . Easter maybe? Anyway I think they were about $9 each with a $10 off your purchase code as well, so bargain! No regrets there. The Inglot flakie I bought from Inglot in Chermside, $16 a pop, pretty expensive for an itty bitty bottle but you only need 1 coat. Here's the layering result;

Zoya Zuza + Frida + Inglot Flakies - Sunlight

Zoya Zuza + Frida + Inglot Flakies - Indoors
 Love this combo even if the flakies are hard to see. You need the right light, but it gives a fish scaley type of look. That brings me to the next part of the mani revamp - scales! I have been ever so excited to do this but wanted an XL stamper before I attempted it. Needless to say the stamper hadn't arrived and Zoya Frida had, so I decided to do stamping decals instead to make the scales fit as well as I could get them to. 

Zoya Zuza + Frida + Inglot Flakies + Moyou Sailor Plate 4
 For the decals I painted little swatches of clear onto baking paper, a bit larger than my nails. I then stamped the image onto the clear swatches when they were dry. I painted a coat of top coat onto the decals and let them dry for about an hour before trying to use them. Tip: Don't use a quick dry topcoat for the decals, they become too hard. I pried the decals off the baking paper one by one, this was fairly easy to do, and then pressed them onto my nails, sort of stretching them like you would for a nail wrap. it worked quite well but the decals were only *just* big enough to fit my index and a little too short for my middle finger. My nails are quite long for me in these photos, but I would consider going up to the XL size for my next purchase. These decals are obviously too small for my thumbs, but not ridiculously so. Here's a nice picture behind some flyscreen.

Zoya Zuza + Frida + Inglot Flakies + Moyou Sailor Plate 4
After I smoothed the decal on (sometimes a clear coat to re-wet the polish will help make it stick) I added topcoat. Unfortunately I got some air bubbles trapped under the decals and some wrinkles, not that you can see them, but they felt a but bumpy. I will definitely use an XL stamper instead of this technique if I had the choice.
Zoya Zuza + Frida + Inglot Flakies + Moyou Sailor Plate 4 - Flash
Hop you guys liked the post, if you have nay questions about this technique or the polishes or plates I used, don't hesitate to ask.

All in all I really like this mani, would have preferred an XL stamper though! It should be arriving soon . . .

See you next time!

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