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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Zoya Meg Review and Swatches + Gloss 'N Sparkle Holographic Topcoat

Hi Guys,
Today I have another polish from Zoya's 2012 Summer Surf Collection. Meg is the green polish of this collection and she is a stunner! Later on I will also have some pictures of Meg 'holofied' using Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo Topcoat.

Zoya Meg + Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo Topcoat
Starting off with Zoya Meg. I bought this at the start of the year along with the rest of the collection when it was 50% off at That brought the polishes down to about $8 each as it was $50 for the collection. I haven't used Meg by itself yet. In the bottle it came across as a bit more muted than the other colours in the collection, but it surprised me. Meg reminds me of a Granny Smith apple, so I'm going to go with Apple green as the description.

Zoya Meg - Full Sun
The formula was surprising, Meg is a true foil, the whole polish seems to be made up of little green flecks ans no other colour. I couldn't find any silver flecks, but at certain lights this polish gives off solver undertones, at others gold. I actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would. It's *nearly* a one coater, but I used two in the photos as I didn't want any bald spots. 

Zoya Meg - Shade

The formula was quite nice, a bit thicker than some of the others from the collection, but good all the same. It spread out really well over the nail, you just need to make sure there's enough polish on the brush to stop dragging.  I used one coat of Poshe and it was completely smooth after that. 

Zoya Meg - Shade
 The only bugger with this polish is the clean-up/removal, because it's a foil there'll be little bits of shimmer all over your fingers, so it can be a bugger to remove completely. My advice? Don't go over the same area more than once when removing it, it'll just spread the shimmer everywhere.

After having meg on its own for a day, I decided to break out the holo topcoat. I bought Gloss 'N Sparkle's holo topcoat from Femme Fatal Cosmetics in January. If you didn't know, Femme Fatale is a seller of indie polishes from around the world. The shipping is really reasonable because they're based in Australia, (Brisbane actually, yay!) and they have sooooo many polishes with all different types of finishes. There's new brands coming all the time as well. Femme Fatale also makes their own cosmetics including nail polish, so if you haven't been to their store, check them out! Anyhow, here's Meg with 2 really thin coats of the holo topcoat.

Zoya Meg + Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo Topcoat - Full Sun
The holo was really hard to photograph and it's a lot stronger in person. It is only really visible in sunlight and some fluro lighting, but I think it looks devine over foil or shimmer polishes. The nex photo shows the polish combination in the shade.

Zoya Meg + Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo Topcoat - Shade
You can see that the topcoat hasn't dulled Meg too much. as some of you will know holo topcoats tend to have a dulling or 'greying' effect which washes out the colour of the base polish. The less topcoat you add the stronger the original colour will be. At one super thin coat the holo was visible, but I wanted to amp it up a bit so I added another coat and voila!

Zoya Meg + Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo Topcoat -Indoors with flash
The holo is hard to capture but trust me , it's definitely the there! I really like this topcoat because it's a linear holo and the thin formula makes it really easy to add it over other polishes without washing it out too much, Basically you can decide how much you want to add. I like the brush too, it's flat and quite long and fairly flexible. Gloss 'N Sparkle is an Australian Indie polish brand, so I'm all for supporting them!

Zoya Meg + Gloss 'N Sparkle's Holo Topcoat -Indoors with flash
I love this combination, I think any polish from the Zoya Surf Collection lends itself well to being 'holofied'. Meg by itslef is just awesome, but with some added holo bling I think it's amazing :)

What do you guys think of this combo? 
If you need any info about the brands I mentioned or where to get a hold of these polishes let me know in the comments!

See you next time.

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