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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mani Revamp: Zoya Storm Stamped With OPI push and Shove + Moyou

Annnd to the second part of Zoya Storm manic, the stamping! Iadded the silver aobut 12 hours after the rest, I love to do my nails in the morning before uni . . . I know, I'm a weirdo :)
Zoya Storm Stamped with OPI Push and Shove + Moyou

I pretty much did my last Moyou London order to get hands on Explorer Plate 03. It was sold out last time so whilst it was back in stock I grabbed it! The design on this plate are quite big, so if you have tiny nails it may not be as interesting, but they're so intricate that you'd still get a lot of detail anyway.
I stamped with the circled design and used Push and Shove from OPI's Gwen Stefani collecting. I bought this Polish at David Jones when they had 30% off. Interestingly, all the Gwen Stefani polish are $17.95 retail, instead of the usual $19.95. I haven't used this polish for a full manicure yet, I don't know if I'll be able to stand the care that is required to make this apply perfectly, it looks to be a PITA from all the blog reviews I've seen. However it is ok to stamp with. See?
Zoya Storm Stamped with OPI Push and Shove + Moyou
 To be able to stamp with Push and Shove you need to work quickly, and I mean quick. The polish starts to dry as soon as you scrape it, so if you wait too long it won't pick up. You then pretty much immediately need to stamp it. The issues I had was that it smudged a but on my ring nails. This could be for several reasons: 1. Too much pressure whilst picking up the design or whilst stamping. 2. The polish was too wet when I stamped - unlikely.
Zoya Storm Stamped with OPI Push and Shove + Moyou
Although it was a bit of a pain to work with, it's the most beautiful silver, so shiny! I used a topcoat to seal it in, others say this diminishes the effect but I don't think it matters that much, I'd prefer my mani to last. After stamping I carefully applied the topcoat by 'floating' it on (made sure the brush didn't touch the nail). I then added studs from a wheel I bought on Ebay. I put the studs on the non-stamped finger, I think it complements the stamped design quite well :)
Zoya Storm Stamped with OPI Push and Shove + Moyou
I really enjoyed being creative with this, I love the end result too! One thing that bugs me is the use of silver, I'm more a gold person but I though the silver would go better with Zoya Storm because of the holo flecks.
What do you think of this mani? Let me know in the comments!
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