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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blue and Gold Design Featuring Moyou London, Joss and Studs

Hi guys!
So today's mani is a revamp of my previous one. I was always planning to add something to it and decided stamping was the best way to go. 

Rimmel Breakfast in Bed + Joss Southern Lights + Moyou Stamping + Studs
I started off with the base colour of Rimmel Breakfast in Bed. Originally I was going to do a design with the other pastels from the same collection (the Rita Ora collection). Unfortunately those polishes are too sheer to stamp with and I could not be stuffed doing a gradient so I decided to go with gold stamping.

Blue and Gold Design - Sun
I started with the stamping on my ring fingers and thumbs. I stamped with Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever and used Moyou London's Explorer Plate 03 which is an extremely popular plate, so you'll need to check the stock levels if you intend to buy it, it's frequently sold out. I find the design on the plate to be a bit big, I lose a fair bit of the edges because my nails are narrower than the designs, but they're pretty perfect on my thumbs. After stamping I proceeded to use Joss' Southern Lights gold holographic polish on my 'non accent' fingers. This is pretty much a dupe for the CND version and also a lot finer than China Glaze fairy dust. Unfortunately I could not for the life of me get the holo to stand out in pictures :(

Blue and Gold Design - Sun
Afterwards I added the gold square studs which I stick down with quick dry topcoat. I then layered all my nails with a coat of the super shiny Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat.

Blue and Gold Design - Shade
I really like the colour combination of this design. Breakfast in Bed is almost a Tiffany blue which works really well with both gold and silver. I chose to use gold because for some reason I prefer that on my  nails, even though I wear silver jewellery.

Blue and Gold Design - Sun
What do you think of this combination? Are you an accent nail person or do you like all your nails to match?

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