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Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Neutral Nail Look: China Glaze Fast Track + EDM Stamping

Hey guys!
Today's post is an interesting one because I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the outcome, great start huh? Well I'll let you be the judge!

China Glaze Fast Track with EDM Stamping

As with all my manis, this one has a little bit of a story behind it. On one of the Facebook groups I'm part of there's been a very coveted nail polish called Prosseco from the Sinful Colors Sinfulshine line. It's a nude grey/taupe/brown kind of colour with gold/silver flecks. After constantly seeing pictures of it for about a week, I decided to dig out my closest polish which is China Glaze's Fast Track from the Hunger Games collection (and what a nice collection it was!).

China Glaze Fast Track - Shade w/ Flash
I found this polish on Ozsale ages ago for around $5 and then put it to the back of my draw. Nice huh? Well after seeing soooo many photos of Prosseco, which is quite similar, I decided that I needed a bit more nude in my life. Fast Track is a bit more beigey than Prosseco I think, but they do have similar qualities (ie, the sparkles). I used 2 thick coats of fast track to get what you see here (I know the photos are sh!t, sorry about that!). The formula was not too thin or too thick, but it was a bit sheer which is to be expected with a colour like this. As always, I topped the whole mani off with Poshé. The little sparkles were annoying for clean up, but not a huge deal.

China Glaze Fast Track - Shade
Fast Track is quite a good shade for my skin tone, it gives the mannequin hands sort of effect. The day I used it though I was itching for some nail art so after sporting this nude look for less than 2 hours I changed it up again. Holidays are my excuse! And apparently on my holidays I bring all my stamping stuff, so my new plates needed a bit of a work out.

China Glaze Fast Track + EDM Stamping - Sun
I pulled out EDM06 which I bought during my last Emily de Molly purchase. I wanted to use black for the stamping (my current black is Orly's Liquid Vinyl, my MDUs haven't arrived yet!) and the design with the circles looked cool. The black from the stamping makes the overall nail look a lot darker than if Fast Track was just worn by itself.

China Glaze Fast Track + EDM Stamping - Sun
Fast Track is one of the few brown polishes I own, it looks even more brown in these pictures with the stamping on top. When I was applying it the colour really reminded me of dulce de leche or caramel, mmmmm. Moving on . . . The gold flecks in the polish give it a lot more life and make it less flat looking. The stamping design was fun to use, I'm getting better at lining my images up. When using a geometric design it's really easy to tell if the image has been stretched. The EDM plates are the perfect size for my nails when they're long and stretching isn't necessary, but it can happen accidentally when trying to line up the design. 

China Glaze Fast Track + EDM Stamping - Shade
I find that this whole mani looked darker in the shade, something I wasn't super fond of. I'm not sure how I feel about the combination. I would have used gold polish for a more subtly stamp, but honestly, I always use gold. Need to give it a bit of a rest!Looking back at the photos though I think I do like it and wouldn't class it as a fail. I'd just need to be in the mood for a palette cleanser before wearing Fast track again. It would be very interview appropriate though.

China Glaze Fast Track + EDM Stamping - Sun
As with all the EDm stamps i have tried this was etched perfectly. I have noticed that the engravings are shallower than Moyou London Plates so for some designs with really fine detail I need to scrape so softly, otherwise the image gets lost. I love the size of these images though, perfect width for my thumb and the length is spot on. It's like the midway ground between Moyou London's normal and XL designs. I will definitely purchase more of these. I'm on a real stamping kick at the moment!

China Glaze Fast Track + EDM Stamping - Sun
Before I leave you in peace I'd like to add that fast track removes very easily considering the density of the gold flakes in the polish, however it does leave sparkly bits on the nails and skin, so if this is an issue for you may want to use a glue base or choose a different polish. 

What do you think of this combo? I'm still on the fence but leaning more towards like . . . I think . . .

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