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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Emily de Molly Black Lace Stamping Over Neutral Nails

Hi guys,
I have another post for you today with stamping over a neutral base. this will be a quick post, but I quite like how it turned out!

Emily de Molly Black Lace Stamping

As with my previous post the base of this mani is Gelish Need a Tan. I've been wearing this base for about a week now and there is a bit of growth showing at the cuticle, but it's not too bad. I've done two other manis over this base but I didn't like either of them enough to take photos or blog about them. I'm on a real neutral stamping kick at the moment!

Emily de Molly Black Lace Stamping
This mani is stamped with Orly Liquid Vinyl using EDM01 plate from the Aussie Indie brand Emily de Molly. I love this particular design from that plate, I've used it quite a few times. I stamped the full design on my ring fingers and thumbs and only used part of the design for my other nails.

Emily de Molly Black Lace Stamping
To only stamp part of a design is quite difficult, especially with an image as intricate as this one. I laid the polish on the plate where I wanted the design to be picked up and then with a brush dipped in acetone I removed portions on the stamper. After stamping the design on my nail I went in a again with the acetone brush to clean it up a bit. it does require a steady hand to do this and the smaller the brush the better off you'll be. I used my Elf concealer brush which is my cleanup brush. 

Emily de Molly Black Lace Stamping
Unfortunately when I top coated this design it smudged everything, so I took it off pretty much straight away. I've figured out that stamping on a gel base which is completely dry does not allow the stamp to 'stick' and therefore the design is more likely to be smudged by top coat. To fix this, I am now using a basecoat under my stamp to give them something to adhere to. No more smudging!

I'm pretty happy with this design, it's not too overdone as only the accent nails have complete lace designs on the. I like the non accent nails too, I think this combination worked out quite well!

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