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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare Swatches + Review

Hi guys,
Today I have a new to this blog brand to show you. It's actually a brand I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while but is more of a "salon only" type of situation. Well I found some and for today's post I will be showing you Holo Solar Flare from Joss' Crystal collection.

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare
The back story behind Joss polish is that it's produced by Beauty World (in Queensland, Australia!), an Australian distributor of professional lacquer as well as salon supplies. Beauty world also has a franken polish section which contains products for making polish such as suspension base, pigments and glitter. They also sell packaging for your products like bottles and mixing balls. Beauty World is part of the reason so many Aussie Indie brands could start off as they supply everything you need to make your own creations without international shipping, which can be a giant pain in rear where polish is concerned. Cathy from More Nail Polish was one of the first bloggers to start working with Beauty World and has pointed many people in the right direction to help get their own polish creations off the ground.

After that bit of back story you might be wondering where I got this marvellous polish from? Well, there just so happens to be a beauty supply store (that I have never seen before) close to my home town. when I was out shopping I spotted it and trotted in, expecting them not to sell to the public or only having OPI at the ridiculously high Aussie retail prices. Well, interestingly enough they didn't have much polish but they had a sizeable display of Joss, which is a brand I've never seen in stores before, I've only read about it. Obviously I had to buy some, so I picked up 3 polishes, all for $6.95 each, which is pretty darn awesome considering they have proper holo in them.

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare - Sun
Solar Flare is a medium toned yellow leaning green with coarse holo particles. The green pigment appears to be more like a glass fleck floating in a clear base than a green polish. It gives the nails a textured look whilst still remaining completely smooth. Amongst the green there is also gold flakes floating in the base which gives this polish a bit of interest in the shade. 

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare - Shade
Application was so easy with only 2 medium coats required. This is topped off with Poshé and an extra coat of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat which gives the most fabulous shine. I really dig this top coat. The formula of Solar Flare was on the thicker side, but still very easy to move around the nail with no streaks or balding. I'm a fan of this kind of polish!

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare - Sun
I think holo polishes will always look their best in the sun and this one is quite interesting as it's a coarse linear holo so the rainbow is a lot more spread out over the nail. However it dulls the base colour a lot less so you don't have that grey hue indoors. The gold flakes, whilst invisible in the sun are quite prominent in the shade so you get the best of both worlds with this sort of polish. 

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare - Sun
The wear on this was excellent, I wore it for a total of 4 days, not one single chip. I was on holidays so I did a lot less dishwashing but I'm still really impressed with this. After 3 days I was itching for some nail art so I pulled out my Moyou London Explorer Plate 03 and stamped the accent nails in black. I then added a green Swarovski SS05 crystal to the centre of the design.

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare + Moyou London Stamping - Sun
The design smudged a bit. The one problem with the SH Miracle Gel topcoat is that it smudges everything if it's not completely dry. So with my nail art I've been applying a coat of my Essie First Base on top of the art and then applying the SH topcoat. But i missed a few spots with the Essie and the smudging occured :/  Anyhow, not a biggie. I like how this design sort of looks like a watermarble on my ring finger. The Explorer 03 images are pretty huge so I lose a fair bit of the design on the sides of my nails if I don't shrink them, which I didn't. I was also trying out a new stamper for this mani, a small rectangular squishy stamper I bought from Amazon. It's pretty good!

Joss Crystal Holo Solar Flare + Moyou London Stamping - Sun
This actually ended up being a long post! Congratulations if you got through it!

What do you think of Joss polishes, have you tried them? They can be purchased from the Beauty World website but there is a purchase minimum of $25.

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