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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Joss Hold That Thought Swatches + Review

Hi guys,
So another review for your today and of course I've had to use one of my new Joss polishes. Today's polish is Hold That Thought from the Holo Expressions collection.

Joss Hold That Thought
I purchased all my Joss lacquers from a beauty supply store on the Sunshine Coast. They retail for $6.95 each which I think is a bargain in this country! Joss is probably as close to indie as you'll find in stores and as I previously mentioned they do actually supply materials to Aussie indie brands for their polish which I think is awesome! So this baby came home with me after going back to the store for the second time!

Joss Hold That Thought - Sun
This polish is one tricky thing to photograph. The sparkle did not want to show up which is sad because it's crazy sparkly in the sun. As with my previous Joss polish review the polish seems be made up entirely of glass fleck and glitter all packed into a clear base. It's gives a really interesting kind of gritty effect. Hold That Thought is made up of Magenta/Purple glass fleck particles with red and blue micro glitter/glass fleck as well as coarse holographic pieces. The holo is actually really hard to see and it's difficult to tell it's there unless you look at the bottle. The good thing about this is that the base is not at all greyed out. Here's an attempt at trying to catch all the sparkle in the sun.

Joss Hold That Thought - Sun
As well as being an awesome colour, this polish has a great formula that covers in 2 easy coats. I love polishes like this because I have to do minimal cleanup to get it looking nice. The downside? the finish was quite rough. Almost like a textured polish. these pictures show two coats of Hold That Thought as well as two coats of top coat and it's still not perfectly smooth. 

Joss Hold That Thought - Shade
This polish actually reminds me a lot of the OPI Brazil Beach Sandie, Samba-dy Loves Purple, but this leans more pink. 

Joss Hold That Thought - Sun
Overall I do love this polish, I just wish that it didn't require as much top coat to smooth the whole thing down. 

If you haven't tried any of the Joss polishes before, I suggest you do so! They are pretty awesome and they also come from Queensland. I like to support local business :)

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