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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Rimmel by Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed Swatches + Review

Today's post features another spring like colour and is my newest addition. Here is Rimmel's Breakfast in Bed, from the new Rita Ora collection.

Rimmel by Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed

After finding myself in a bit of a nail slump, in which I did not even take photos of my last two manis as they were that uninspiring, I suddenly had an idea about a combo I wanted to try out. But I didn't actually own any of the polishes, so I went out and bought some :) And then that kind of failed as the stamping image I was trying to use wouldn't pick up. So I decided to go back to basics and just do a plain single coloured mani using one of the new polishes. This is Rimmel's Breakfast in Bed, part of the 2014 spring Rita Ora collection.

Rimmel by Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed - Sun
The  other polishes I bought were the pale pink and white from the same collection. All the polishes from this collection have the Rita Ora 'stamp' on them with the background and nail colour of Rita matching the polish in the bottle, such a cute touch! All 3 of the polishes I bought share a really fine and subtle silver sparkle, you can barely see it on the nail. It just diffuses were the light hits it, making the polish appear to have a satin finish. Well I can tell you that the finish on the nail is actually really glossy, so the silver shimmer is playing tricks!

Rimmel by Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed - Sun
The formula on this polish was quite thick. It's touted as being a 'one coat, dry in 60 seconds' type of polish which I don't think is true. For one thing I had to use between and 2 and 3 coats per nail and I definitely needed my quick dry top coat. Considering how pale this colour is the coverage is pretty good. The nails that I did thicker coats on only required 2, so that is what I'd recommend doing. The formula on the polish is thicker than average, so thin coats are near impossible and just result in a really streaky finish. I'm quite a fan of the brush on these polishes, they're standard Rimmel brushes, but the extra width and the curved tip makes application quite easy with minimal clean-up!

Rimmel by Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed - Shade
I feel that this polish is much brighter than I thought it would looking at other people's swatches. It might have something to do with my skin tone as I'm quite tan at the moment and I suppose this just contrasts against pale polish even more. The contrast is particularly apparent in the shade I think but here's a photo comparing the two so you can decide for yourself.

Rimmel by Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed - Sun (top) and Shade (bottom)
I am still a fan of the colour and am even excited about using the pink shade from this collection, which is usually not my thing. I really wanted to try nail art using all three of the polishes I bought but I just ran out of time and couldn't think of anything that interested me after my stamping attempt failed. So if you have any ideas for nail art, let me know!

Rimmel by Rita Ora - Breakfast in Bed - Sun
 I think this is the first Rimmel polish I have reviewed on my blog, so it's a pretty good one to start with! I think I'll stamp on this or something, haven't decided yet!

Have you tried any of the Rimmel Rita Ora polishes yet?

Also, random side note, I had to cut down my nails again for sports, but I'm loving how consistent the shape and length are! Makes me happy :)

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