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Friday, 28 March 2014

Zoya Blaze Swatch and Review + OPI The Living Daylights

Hi guys,
Today I have 2 new polishes for you to look at. This is after having several failed manis during the week. I may still post one of them but I wasn't too happy. Long story but I had a stick on tattoo fail and it was all downhill after that. For today's mani I have another Zoya and an untried OPI.
Zoya Blaze and OPI The Living Daylights
Sorry for the bad bottle shots, but there's no sun at the moment, hasn't been all week :( 
I've had some issues with my nails this week and couldn't stick with a polish I actually wanted to wear, that's what assignment procrastination does to you. I bought Zoya Blaze and some other polishes from the Ornate collection in January for about $8 each from Zoya Australia. OPI The Living Daylights came from Price Attack when they had a bunch of OPIs for $5 each, I don't think they were a legit OPI dealer at the time. Some of my bottles look like grey imports though, the barcode is filed off the bottle and the top sticker is missing.
Anyhow, moving on . . . Zoya Blaze is raspberry red jelly with scattered holo glitter. It looks quite dark in the bottle and came out kind of purple the first time I used it, I thought it was very similar to my OPI Extravagance, but that's way pinker after examining them together. Because I prefer the red tone, I layered Blaze over 1 coat of OPI The Spy Who Loved Me, as increasing the number of coats of Blaze darkens it a lot. 
Zoya Blaze over OPI The Spy Who Loved Me
I put on Blaze 2 days ago and used PVA as a basecoat because I'm getting bored of my nails quite quickly at the moment (I blame uni!). I touched it up this morning as there was a bit of tipwear and added OPI The Living Daylights in a kind of waterfall effect on my thumb and ring finger. The Living Daylights is quite glitter dense but I still found myself fishing a bit. I might pour off the top layer of polish after it settles again. I also noticed that my bottle seems to have more dull glitter than other swatches I've seen, I suspect the glitter has bled a bit, some also have a reflective curl, although these glitters aren't big enough to cause taco issues. 
Zoya Blaze layered with OPI The Living Daylights
 I used 1 coat of Essence Gel Look Topcoat, I don't think my nails have ever looked so shiny, even after a couple of coats of Poshe! I love this topcoat. The downside is it takes so damn long to dry! I got my index finger caught on an envelope and it got crinkled as you can see. It was totally set after 2 hours but I did use some drying drops. I really like this mani, it looks my nails are wearing little necklaces. Quite dainty. I love both of these polishes, although I probably won't be able to use The Living Daylights that often. 

Has anyone tried to thin out their Poshe topcoat before? I've got about a third of the bottle to go and I swear I've added like 20 drops of thinner to no avail. I might have to break out a new bottle, again.

Wishing you guys a happy weekend!

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