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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Emily de Molly Living After Midnight Swatches + Review

After receiving my Emily de Molly order this week I only want to wear my new polishes, so for today's post I have another EdM polish for you. I present Living After Midnight!

Etmily de Molly Living After Midnight
As I mentioned in my last post I made an EdM order (which arrived in 2 business day!) and part of that was this beautiful maroon holo. I have a holo topcoat so sometimes it's hard to justify buying holo polishes, however I have nothing like this in my collection so I don't feel too bad about it :) And I have to say that the the holo effect of this is just  . . . amazing. No other words for it!

EdM Living After Midnight - Sun
The base colour of this polish is reddish brow with a touch of pink, I will be calling it maroon from now on! And the formula was spot on! The first coat went on wonderfully smoothly and I feel that if you have short nails you could probably get away with just one coat! I used two and it's perfect. The second coat really deepens the colour too. At one coat is leans a lot more pink. I topped this all off with a coat of Poshé.

EdM Living After Midnight - Sun
Application of this polish is helped by the brush which has longer bristles that average and is a bit fuller than Orly and Zoya brushes. The brush is also quite flexible which helps with minimising streaks. I think that the brush helped a lot in minimising the amount of clean up I had to do because my mani was pretty much perfect. If I didn't take photos for the blog I probably wouldn't have bothered!

EdM Living After Midnight - Shade
Now we all know that holos are at their best in the sun, but a lot of people don't like the look in the shade. Living After Midnight is definitely more greyed out in the shade but the maroon colour is still very prominent. Considering the amount of holo in this polish I think the shade colour is pretty damned good. Obviously I prefer the photos in the sun though!

EdM Living After Midnight - Sun
Every time I see this polish in the sun it makes me think of the original OPI DS polishes (of which I have none, but I have looked at a lot of pictures!). This polish is simply amazing and I will definitely be wearing it again. I will undoubtedly also be getting some more EdM holos because they are just beautiful, I'll just need to get colours that are more unique to my collection.

EdM Living After Midnight - Sun
Mmmmm such a lovely colour! I be adding some nail art to this eventually so watch out for that post!

What do you think of holo polishes, are they your thing? 

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